Rybinspektory on the Volga refuse to work with DVR

Pilot equipment rybinspektorov DVRs on the Volga has voluntarily dismissed 22 people, told the head of Federal Agency for Fishery Andrey deadline.

According to him, in the Volga-Caspian territorial administration Rosrybolovstva conducted a pilot project to ensure that all rybinspektorov DVRs, and cars and boats — sensors GPS and GLONASS.

"Interestingly, 22 inspectors wrote a statement on their own, have left", — stated deadline.

According to him, DVRs record all communication with fishermen rybinspektora, greatly reducing the possibility of corruption, as the data is immediately transferred to the territorial department. This eliminates the possibility to solve the "problem" in place in case of violation of the law.

Deadline reported that the result of this experiment increased the number of seized fish and networks by 30-35% and significantly increased sturgeon fishing for scientific purposes, which amounts previously withheld.

"Yesterday, we set the goal on the board until the end of 2013 to provide all such equipment," — said the deadline.

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