Rymashevski: This is the calm before the storm. The only question is — when will it be?

Coincidentally, March 19 will be 5 years of presidential elections in 2006 and three months after the last election in 2010. Has the country over the past five years, there is a change after December 19?

In the presidential election of 2006 was 4 candidates for president — Alexander Lukashenko, Alexander Kozulin, owed and Alexander Milinkevich. According to the CEC, in 2006, for Lukasheshku voted 82.6% for Milinkevich — 6%, for Haidukevich — 3.5% for Kozulin — 2.3%.


According to Mr. Milinkevich, elections in 2006 and a tent camp on October Square for the first time is very tough show the government that it must change. And the change is:

"The government has shown for these years, that economically it begins to reform, but reform and inconsistent. And the government has once again shown that politically it can not and does not want to make liberalization. I think that the election authorities have shown that there are forces — are young people, it is the more educated people are more adventurous, this is the intelligentsia that wants to live differently. These elections have shown — it is possible to criticize the candidates that did not join, but people still came out. And not with the economic protest, and came out with a moral protest: we do not want to lie, we do not want to live in fear … "

, Owed

, Owed, candidate for the 2006 elections, and who claimed in 2010 that he would go to the polls, and then abandoned his intention, said:

"Everything has changed, changed so much that, in my opinion, is not a single person in the country who does not understand. Now it is clear and understandable to all, including the fact that all this time calling themselves the strongest and most powerful opposition. And the country has already left but the politicians, political scientists and journalists, opposition. Out of the country for opposition. Even the dissidents there … "

In the 2010 elections he wasabout 10 candidates for president.

According to official figures, Lukashenko won 79.65% of votes. World democratic community has not recognized the results of the elections, claiming fraud.

December 19 authorities violently dispersed a protest against the official results of the election. Hundreds of people were sentenced to administrative detention. Nearly fifty people zvinavalitsili of organizing mass riots. The investigation of the majority of criminal cases continues.

Vitaly Rymashevski

But over the last 3 months the country has changed. There are both positive and negative aspects to these changes, according to a presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski:

"Negative — this is definitely fear. The fact that the Belarusian authorities and the Belarusian security forces wanted, they in a sense have made. That is, the social activity of the population has decreased. But I would call it the calm before the storm. That is so cruel repression power skamprametavala itself. Many people did not support the government. Many supported Democratic candidates. Many recent events have helped to make the final choice. As long as these people are passive. Intimidated. But I am convinced that this is a time bomb. This is the calm before the storm. The only question is — when will it be? "

According to the chairman of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, in the last 3 months there have been changes not only in the country but in the mind of the public:

"There is pratsverazhenne and opposition, and among the many people who care about how the country will be tomorrow. We all understand that these events are not conducive to progress, do not contribute to the economy, do not promote independence. And there is the most important issue, other than the release of political prisoners: what we see country? And more importantly — how to achieve this? "



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