S-300 «reflect» a massive missile attack on Russia

Four defense regiment during the next unexpected check readiness of the Armed Forces to be moved to mon Ashuluk (Astrakhan region) to reflect a massive missile attack.
Aircraft military transport aviation combat crews are thrown on Ashuluk where in a situation very close to combat, will fulfill a set of practical tasks to repel massive missile and air conditional enemy air strike.
This was told in the press service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.
In the process of checking the combat crews quickly deployed C-300 and begin to track the situation to detect and defeat ballistic targets presented real targets. «The air situation in the area of ​​cover will be complicated by massive raids fighters, simulating the act imaginary enemy across the spectrum of altitude and speed,» — said the agency.
Meanwhile, electronic warfare systems will create severe interference that only complicate the puzzle calculations C-300.
S-300 «reflect» massive missile attack on the Russian Federation
About the beginning of the newest unexpected check readiness of the Russian army on Mon morning announced Chief of Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov. Checking last a day or three, during a military campaign «reflect» aerospace attack.
As reported, the alarm raised by 8.7 thousand people, 185 combat aircraft and 240 armored vehicles. Last unexpected check accomplished in the Russian army in late March — then President Vladimir Putin early in the morning suddenly gave the order to start the exercise in the area of ​​the Dark Sea.
They were involved in about 7 thousand people, 30 ships, about 250 armored vehicles, 50 artillery pieces, up to 20 combat aircraft and helicopters, troops frisky deployment VDV special purpose forces also. Unexpected exercises took place in a region where less than one year will be held in Sochi Olympics.
Commentator Konstantin Bogdanov to RIA Novosti:
«Well, if such exercises are finished to be events which are taking off on the first pages of the newspapers, and will be included in the routine. This is a kind of reliable indicator when all will be bored of what a couple of 10’s of thousands of people again at one point threw across half the country and forced to solve puzzles are not very familiar terrain, means everything in the Armed Forces is as follows. «

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