Salary Sverdlovsk doctors this year rose by almost 45%


The average salary of doctors working in the hospital for ten months of 2012 amounted to 42.4 thousand rubles — this is almost 45% more than last year, according to the press service of the regional Ministry of Health. The average salary of nurses hospital for the year increased by 36.5% and amounted to 22.8 thousand rubles. Doctors subspecialties are now getting an average of 37.3 thousand (32.6% more than last year). Nurses to help narrow specialists in outpatient clinics were earning 21 thousand rubles (by 47.8% more than last year).

According to the provincial Ministry of Health, it occurs within a regional healthcare modernization program. So, thanks to the introduction of standards for inpatient medical care, physicians began to receive additional payments. As of November 1, 4214, such payments were doctors and 10,238 nurses. The average size of payments amounted to 8603 rubles. doctors and 3,759 rubles. in nursing.



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