Sandy hurricane caused panic in the Ukrainian media environment

Turn on the TV — shows in the New York subway sharks, brought there by Hurricane "Sandy." Against this background, a Tibetan monk warned that all of us will come 12/21/2012 scribe, seems logical. And that — maybe it's true, otmuchaemsya with minimal losses?

For those who like disaster movies, especially broadcast live — in the wake of the hurricane "Sandy" on American soil. Honestly, is impressive. First, we see how the hurricane comes in the Bahamas. Then coming to the U.S.. Sour cream on the way the legendary sailing ship Bounty. Coming to New York, subway stops, buses and trains. Stops functioning the world's largest stock exchange. Interrupts the election campaign of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Then you can watch it "work" in New York: 7 tunnels flooded metro, the island of Manhattan is cut off from the mainland, the water level is 4 meters. The substation of Consolidated Edison — explosion, about 250-thousand people were left without electricity. At three nuclear reactors are stopped. Canceled about 15,000 flights, remained without electricity for more than 8 million homes, of which 250,000 in Washington, 100,000 in Canada. On top of all de-energized and paralyzed New York starts a huge fire.

With all of this the number of victims in the "Big Apple" does not exceed a few dozen. Federal authorities took into account the mistakes made in 2005, when the Louisiana Hurricane "Katrina" and killed more than 1,800 people. At a much more modest scale flooding in the Russian Krymsk killed at least 149 people, injured tens of thousands.

Ukraine were just lucky that we pass by such disasters. The most that we are "shocking" — the wind, blowing the roofs of houses, and the water erodes the old rural huts, which have long crumbled from decrepitude.

Zaden us something similar in scale to the "Sandy" — we'd just drowned and emerged from the maelstrom of technological horrors. To withstand the elements, our country can not: the infrastructure is so worn out that she was about to collapse, rather than waiting until it swept away natural disasters.

So while Americans are pumping water out of the subway, we rescued her grandmother, who appeared at the metro station "Golden Gate" in not the best time. Yesterday, at around 11:00 am, it spun and threw down an escalator handrail detached.

We already know that 72-year-old Elena Yaroslavl is located in the Kiev hospital № 17 in serious condition. According to preliminary data from her fractured both legs, several ribs and possibly a broken spine.

This is not the first case of the apocalypse in the capital's metro. I will never forget a story that happened in front of my girlfriend December 28, 2010. We were driving in the pre-mood in the Dolphinarium-tent and climbed the escalator in a subway station "Lukyanivska." I managed to pass, but she stayed down. In the end, her eyes faulty escalator mechanic ripped in half, took the repair.

Curiously, the likelihood of "escalator accidents" repeatedly warned experts wrote various publications. Out entire investigative on how much a person is able to kill the escalator, which "age cracks" grow into "broken."

But those responsible enthusiastically reassured the press that everything is in order, the technique can handle any load and the only problem that still can not cope — it is the human factor. Number of crazy people who jump on the subway or down there in a drunken stupor, is growing.

By the way, yesterday, even before the rail almost nailed a citizen of Yaroslavl, on the station "Khreschatyk" the young man fell on the tracks, as stated by the police — by his own negligence. A few hours after the incident, the metro station "Sports Palace" was closed to entry due to the fact that the tape got sneaker escalator passenger and his long time to retrieve.

This is clearly an unhealthy match three incidents did not seem to strained responsible for the safety of people in the subway. While fighting for the life of an old woman doctors, they arrange a holiday. Today the Moscow Metro holds an open house and tour of the front electrodepot "Darnitsa" on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of its existence (I, too — the anniversary!). Better to hold a press conference and tell if they are going to pay for care and grandmother as the rest of the subway so as not to break your neck!

Clearly frivolous attitude to man-made hazards of our officials is particularly frightening in light of the so-called oracle prophecy of Shambhala — lama of the monastery under Gyandrek Kailas.

This uncle, famous for having predicted the September 11 and already mentioned above hurricane "Sandy" (and until it is done, he, of course, did not believe), wrote a letter to specialists NASA, in which he told how to survive man-made apocalypse, scheduled December 21, 2012.

"Fall and winter will be warm, and from 21/12/2012 Earth will begin to pass through the galactic zero band. A special state space where the blanked and not be subject to any energy. Comes complete darkness and silence. Communications and TV are turned off. The darkness will be accompanied by flashes of light, as well as the play of light and shadow. At times it may seem that roam figures — as if the dead rose from their graves. Ground will shake slightly — like a small earthquake. Some buildings can be destroyed, — warned Lama. — Animals in advance feel coming "dark space" and zapryachutsya to ground. People in cities do not feel so are the victims of insanity. Loss up to 10% of the population. "

Astronomers have already explained that, most likely, the oracle has in mind the situation (theoretically possible) when the storm will blast the surface of the sun. This hurricane will damage the power supply and lead to a change in the magnetic field of the Earth.

Of course, a healthy skepticism makes fun of this apocalyptic nonsense. On the other hand, looking at what is happening in New York, you start to worry: What if we're in for something truly out of the ordinary? What then?

Americans seem to survive any catastrophe — they were decent apprenticeship "Katrina" and "Sandy." The Russians also have learned from the Crimea — no doubt about it. And we?

The few floods in the Carpathian region, which flashed in the biography of the country, were merely a pretext for Yushchenko and Tymoshenko popiaritsya amid vague shores. Oh, and incidentally provide an opportunity for local princelings little steal from the budget. Thus, if without any disasters our subway starts a danger to life, what will happen when the light passed out and shut down mobile?

I shared these thoughts with a friend (the same one that has survived the stress on New Year's Day to "Lukyanovskaya"), and we decided that the quiet and not panic we will prepare for the apocalypse, bribing biscuits, honey, sleeping bags, flashlights …

Galina Akimov, Ukraine

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