Science survive watch online

Science survive watch online
For those of you curious as to how to survive in the most extreme conditions, being one on one with a feral nature? How to find food and water, as a warm up and spend the night in the open, how to protect themselves from unsafe creatures … On this and many other things for you to tell the eminent traveler and adventurer Les Stroud.
He put forward themselves a difficult task — to survive for a week, anywhere, without having with them supplies of food, water and all you need. All that he has — the smallest gear and camera, which he removes everything that goes with it for the 7 days.
As part of the project "Science survive"Les Stroud experience themselves on the strength of the most extreme conditions in the Arctic, in the Rocky rocky mountains, impenetrable thickets of tropical Costa Rica, which are so unsafe and teeming with deadly predators and insects to more unsafe waters of South America.
Similar science survive taught and well-known ekstremal Bear Grylls, but, unlike him at LESA Stroud no support team, which follows it. Stroud survives at all without the help of others, in person filming everything on camera, specifically because it can take a real survival school.

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