Scientists have made the first map of the distribution of debris in Australian waters

A team of scientists has developed the first map of the location of the plastic debris in Australian waters, focusing on which, according to them, it will be possible to clean up the ocean of plastic, causing the death of Australian turtles, according to the University of Western Australia (The University of Western Australia).

Under the influence of currents forms floating plastic rubbish dumps in the ocean. In this plastic is practically immune to decay and the garbage in the ocean, scientists project that will only grow. In addition, plastic life threatening marine life, such as birds, who use it for food, but die because of not able to digest the waste.

As explained by one of the authors of maps, Rayser Julia (Julia Reisser) from the University of Western Australia, at the moment map reflects only the state of the coastal waters around Australia, but as a result of their work the scientists are going to map the debris located within 80 kilometers from the coast.

"In my research I determined the location in the ocean to where the greatest concentrations of debris, including their intersection with the direction of migration of turtles in the ocean. The results showed that the plastic floating in the ocean, mostly leads to death of newly hatched turtles" — Rayser said, as quoted by the report of the University.

Rayser also explained that in the stomachs of young turtles find the remains of plastic waste, which seems to attract them to their color or size. Analysis of stomach contents, dead turtles, will find out their "bad" habits and primarily attracts turtles to remove debris from the surface of the ocean.

The studies were conducted with the support of the Australian State Association of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO).

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