Secrets and mysteries of the government — 2012

The Mayan calendar comes to an end on the date of December 21, 2012. Nostradamus also relate to that date. It may be a coincidence, but many other crops are already arguing about this day could be the end of the world. Given these arguments, there are many theories, some of whom are conspiracy theories. One of the most prominent and highly controversial theories — Preparation of the U.S. government secret bunker designed to save the elite of the society at the time of disaster.

In the knowledge of the Mayan astrology were quite large, they knew a lot about the sky of our planet. Therefore, it is believed that their calendar is accurate. But it ends on the date of December 21, 2012. Many people believe that on that day there will be a catastrophic event that will change the history of the world. And possibly lead to death of the planet.

One theory is based on the destruction of the Earth's orbit of Planet X — the tenth planet of the solar system. With a significant convergence of this planet Earth, the Earth's own axis can be displaced. Moreover, as soon as Planet X approaches the Earth at a sufficient distance, will be global natural disasters, which, in fact, threaten the loss of the world's population.

Since protect the entire population can not possibly be saved only by those persons, which guarantees the survival of humanity, human culture and science — scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers, and just a healthy young people of child-bearing age.

Food in these bunkers should last for several years of living in a confined space. Another issue that will have to face — the survival of plant and animal species. What will be our salvation, "Noah's Ark"? Will we ever …

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