Security Council: Ukraine should participate in a new world order

Security Council: Ukraine should participate in the new world order

Ukraine must participate in a new world order. This was during the parliamentary hearings "On the state and prospects of development of the military and the security sector Ukraine"Said the Secretary of National Security Council of Ukraine Andriy Klyuyev, the correspondent of" Rosbalta. "

"Now the situation in the world is rapidly changing. Global political and financial system is undergoing another significant step configurations and transformations. Corresponding attribute — geopolitical reboot in the international arena. There is a brand new alignment of forces. And destabilizing factors here are the hottest point, the presence of terrorist organizations. Now a real danger territorial integrity, economic sovereignty is brutal financial expansion of individual states, increased competition for resources, the sharp fluctuation in prices for energy and other products. All this leads to the destabilization of national economies … As a result we have a monetary crisis, "- said Klyuyev.

The head of the Security Council acknowledged that "unfortunately, in the midst of threats of Ukraine — an opportunity to be on the border itself. And this only increases the risk evenly, taking into account that the last 20 years have not paid attention to strengthening the economic potential and defense of Ukraine … The population of the earth is on the verge of a new world order. runs across the world intensively on new technological way, it provokes the latest arms race. Threat the spread of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, organized crime, the escalation of local conflicts — make a real danger. "

NSDC Secretary believes that "new World Order should formed with the active participation of Ukraine. We need to develop a strategic deal with Russia. U.S., EU, Near East. We need to develop a very business with China. Need to accelerate the process of European integration, while maintaining mutually beneficial and friendly relations in the former Soviet space. Ukraine must participate in the resolution of local conflicts frozen. And for us here in principle role in international organizations: OSCE, NATO, CIS, the Collective Security Treaty Organization. "

Recall, Ukraine is a non-aligned political-military state.

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