Sergei Kovalenko was given 7 days of arrest

Railroad District Court Judge Helen Tsygankova recognized activist guilty of disorderly conduct and organization of an unsanctioned rally on March 24.

Sergei Kovalenko was arrested, when passed from City Hall to the Vitebsk so-called "Blue House" house-number 28 Lenin Street — with three large white-red-white flags.

According to Sergei Kovalenko, he turned to the passer with the slogan: "The people are deceiving you," "Do not believe Lukashenko," "SWAT — the criminals, they were beaten in Minsk civilians. This is a gang," "Honor mother tongue , "" Glory to the People, "" Glory to the nation "to the other statements.

If it came to a police car, he was ready to go to the site with flags to make it seen by people. But he refused. Then Sergei Kovalenko, in his explanation, "began to clap his hand on the roof of the police," Lada "and speak to the people at the bus stop to fix the flags on the roof of the car."

These court actions qualified as an unsanctioned action and disorderly conduct in including using obscene language and insults the authorities.

7 days of arrest Sergei Kovalenko should be held in Vitebsk detention center.

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