Sniper Rifle Blaser R93 LRS-2 / Blaser Tactical-2 (Germany)

Sniper Rifle Blaser R93 LRS-2 / Blaser Tactical-2 was developed by the German company "Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH », which is based in the quiet town Isnu in southern Germany. Despite its youth, the company occupies a worthy place in the world in the middle of manufacturers of quality tools. For amateur hunting is threaded and dual guns, carbines. For law enforcement units and sporting events — and high-precision sniper (Match) rifles. Pride of «Blaser» are quality rifles and shotguns combined with trunks paired in the vertical plane — byuksflinty and Tees — Drilling.

Among them is a popular destination for a hunting rifle (carbine) with bolt-series R93 made on the basis of previously manufactured the SR 950/88. Release of the first motivated Blaser rifle for shooting at a distance of 300 m was started in 1997. Having gone through four years of a number of structurally (technological configurations, at the moment this model is designed to voennyyh and sporting purposes (CISM), sold under the name Blaser R93 LRS-2. Key elements of the construction of the barrel, bolt and trigger mechanism found a model Blaser R93 its place in the development of the sniper rifle Blaser R93 LRS / UIT-Standart (Match Play mnogokalibernaya rifle), which provides the highest performance for accuracy. series of holes of 10 shots at a distance of 300 m is placed in a circle with a diameter of 28 mm.

The appearance of the light Blaser R93 LRS-2 was a natural result of the development of the upcoming models R93, the development of which have been found successful design solutions shutter assembly to the barrel and their co-location of the receiver. R93 as a hunting system was demonstrated by the athletes, there was an offer made on the basis of its mnogokalibernuyu sporting rifle for military-applied sports. Proposal athletes supported the then owner of the office Blaser sovereign Blake.

Distinctive features of the new model are:
specific form of the lodge;
more powerful barrel length of 600 or 762 mm with longitudinal ribs;
release mechanism with a force of 1500 g;
detachable magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

At the end of 1996 came into model R93 Match. It is one hundred percent met the expectations of athletes on the accuracy and accuracy of fire, issuing a spread of impacts to 36 mm at 300 m, but the work shop and trigger sought refinement. In addition, there were complaints regarding the strength of the stock and forend rifle. There have been cases where a substantial impact or fall guns came kink box. The fact that it was cast from lightweight duralumin alloy and zeal to save on the total weight of the product has resulted in a weakening of the lodges in some places. After analyzing the two-year experience of the implement in sports clubs, decided to radically change the design of the rifle. In order to maintain the low mass modern rifles box made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide and the bearing elements Receiver is made of milled aluminum. Desyatizaryadny store changed to a five-shot, a perfect design.

Improvements and touched the trigger. Compared with previous models, the descent was "dry" and more than a little. Spectra were expanded trigger adjustments and reduced the number of parts. All alterations took less than a year, and in 1999 the first samples of the model Blaser R93 LRS-2 were launched in the creation. Thanks to all of the latest innovations on the rifle can be mounted super-caliber guns. This is particularly pressing issues for the caliber .338 Lapua Magnum, which is very popular with athletes and snipers and gives them the maximum capacity for the targets. On rifles Blaser R93 LRS-2 can be installed all kinds of spectacles and optical sights. The design tool predicts the presence of a maximum of adjustments lodge and trigger. By weight of the LRS-2 can be attributed to the average in the class.

Rifle Blaser R93 LRS-2 is produced various calibers. To ensure the highest accuracy for each cartridge trunk has its own pitch of rifling: .222 Rem./356 mm; .223 Rem./229 mm; .243 Win./254 mm 6 mm/305 mm, 6 mm/203 mm, 6.5 mm h55/220, 7, 5h55/270 mm; .308 Win./280-305 mm, depending on the type of bullets. Special attention should lock system gate razrabotanaja company Blaser — For the opening and closing is not necessary to turn the bolt that can achieve the highest practical rate of fire and does not change the situation (also not lose target), even for inexperienced shooters. Reloading rifle is simply and quietly through the longitudinal movement of the bolt by its handle. Cocking the hammer happens when you move the slider on the shank of the gate and does not require significant effort, with all this reveals a large reddish dot, signaling that the weapon is ready to fire. When moving the slider rod mainspring moves forward and compresses it. In the cocked firing pin lock lever. To remove the gun with cocking need to press down on the head slider and move it back. To remove the bolt you need to translate it into the open position, to put pressure on the head of the stem protruding from the right side of the receiver and the movement of the handle back to remove it. The trigger mechanism is a separate unit is a lever system that allows you to adjust the force on the trigger.

Svobodnovyveshenny ctvol does not rely on the forearm and recorded in the receiver in the 2-points, which increases accuracy. The design tool allows you to freely create without following the substitution trunk of his adjustment. With all of this you should immediately change the head gate, which is attached to the plug stem. Highest stability, accuracy and reliability of the sports model Blaser R93 LRS lured the attention of law enforcement managers who took it into service, with small changes. This rifle was named the Blaser R93 CISM / Tactical and is available for cartridges: .243 Win.; 6mm NORMA BR; 7,5 x55 (GR 11), but the main patron, the police used a .308 Win. (7.62 x 51). In accordance with the requirements of SISM shop rifles separated only by simultaneously pressing the 2-button latch located on the edges of the plastic box.

In the coming-based rifle Blaser R93 LRS-2 (different from the previous model of improved one hundred percent polymer couch) at the request of special forces model was created under .338, with a long box for a longish cartridge and with the increased barrel, which received the title of Blaser R93 Tactical-2 . The difference between LRS-2 and Tactical-2 in dimenzionirovanii receiver. At LRS-2 is compatible with standard stems from the R93. At Tactical-2 stems from the chamber diameter of 34 mm, at R93, 29 mm (the difference from the introduction of the .338 rifle at Tactical-2). On Blaser R93 Tactical-2 comes standard plank Picatinni / Weaver and the barrel thread for muzzle brake on the box plus additional threaded holes for mounting additional brackets. Corporate "blayzerovsky" bracket to Provide Operational Division and joining sight with guaranteed preservation of the optical axis.

All models Blaser R93 (LRS / LRS-2 / Tactical / Tactical-2) just get to the main sites for the care and transportation (in this case, the receiver / receiver can not be removed). With the introduction of choice of ammunition all models exhibit less than 0.5 MOA accuracy.

The advantages of Blaser R93 LRS-2 / Blaser R93 Tactical-2 include the following points:
— Corporate Bleyzerovsky v
alve with a direct course provides the highest practical rate.
— Thanks to the interchangeable barrels depending on the situation, you can use standard cartridges or cartridges oversized class "Magnum."
— Changing the barrel is less than 30 seconds.
— Adjustable resin bed, the effort and the progress of the trigger allows for easy adjustment to the shooter.

Blaser R93 Sniper Rifle Tactical-2 was adopted by the special forces of Germany, Australia, Iceland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Ukraine, and sporting rifle Blaser R93 LRS-2 offered on civilian gun market.

Properties Blaser LRS-2 / Tactical-2
Weight, kg: 5 kg
Cartridge: 7.62? 51 mm NATO, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, 6,5? 55 mm
Working arrangements: a longitudinally-rotating bolt
Feed system Box magazine for 5 rounds (4 for variant chambered for .300 Winchester Magnum)

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