Sniper rifle L115A3

Now the record for the defeat of the enemy sniper rifle belongs to British sniper Craig Harrison, which 2-hit enemies at a distance of 2477 meters with a rifle chambered L115A3 .338 Lapua Magnum. We will not go into the details of this option and rant on the subject, though it is either not present, and better acquainted with the gun from which the shot Corporal Harrison. Well, to start, I think it is specifically a weapon, not a gun, because if cartridge was different, the rifle and the properties would differ very much from today.

In fact, the start of work on the creation of ammunition .338 Lapua Magnum can assume that in 1983 the command of the U.S. Army put the puzzle to develop a cartridge with a bullet weighing 250 grains, the initial velocity of which would amount to 900 meters per second. Chuck offered his own version of the designers Jim Bell, Jerry Haskins and Boots Obermeyer. The designers took the sleeve of hunting cartridge .416 Rigby and situated therein .338 caliber bullet. New ammo has gone into making for lack of candidates, but the cartridge .338 Bell was not the best possible. The fact that the sleeve chuck was not designed for it, so they withstand the pressure of powder gases, which appeared at a shot, in the end, any cartridge cases extracted from the chamber deformed, so that cartridge was far not the best.

To solve the problem came from the company Lapua. Besides the fact that the designers of the latest developed a stronger liner that was capable of withstanding the pressure right up to 420 MPa, was also redesigned and bullet cartridge, which began to weigh 16.2 grams, and showed better results in accuracy shots of all the options considered bullets. In fact, from now on, and began a march cartridges .338 Lapua Magnum. Quite often you can meet the view that 338 Lapua Magnum cartridges were created in order to fill the gap between the ammunition caliber 7.62 and 12.7 mm, the same view, and I adhere to. But many fans of new products made from this cartridge almost perfect ammo for everything, even saying that it can be fully present even substitute mnogokalibernym patrons. Maybe, for conducting a single lamp on distant targets this munition and will surpass all the same 12.7 h99, which is also open to question, because, except for .50 BMG, there are still many other high mnogokalibernyh sniper bullets .416 Barrett, for example, but mnogokalibernyh machine guns in this round for sure will not change the caliber of 12.7 mm ammunition.

For sniping ammunition really came out perfectly. Bullet cartridges weighing 16.2 grams was pretty weighty in order to influence its line of movement crosswind was the smallest, with all this plays an important role as the highest quality ammunition. At the technical level, using this cartridge, you can put five bullets at a distance of 1000 meters in a circle diameter of 16 cm, but it is only at the technical level, in practice it all depends on the thousands of reasons, including himself and his arrow tool. Bullet weighing 16.2 grams, and specifically with these bullets vserasprostraneny ammunition in the military, at a distance of 1,400 meters maintains its speed to 354 meters per second, with all this kinetic energy of the bullet equals about 1000 joules, which is more than enough for certain defeat the enemy . In general, given the hunting cartridges, bullet weights .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge ranges from 14.6 to 19.4 grams, the same powder charge can be in the range of 5.17 to 6.85 g, the initial velocity of the bullet is equal to 754 925 meters per second.

The very same rifle L115 is a gun with a bolt-, locking the barrel in the corner. In other words, a fairly common tool, and its design is one hundred percent investigated. In fact, hundreds of such samples now, but they all differ in their features, which are in the main dependent on the properties of the guns and ammunition. Quality same L115 very highest. Weight rifle L115A3, from which the record was set, at 6.8 pounds. Its length is 1300 mm. Powered weapon of detachable box magazine capacity of 5 rounds.

Exciting moment in the arms would be that the name stuck behind him the "silent killer" or "silent death", depending on how you interpret it in Russian. Despite the fact that the instrument can be equipped with a device silencer, a nickname derived completely because of this. "Silent Killer" rifle dubbed for the fact that in comparison with sniper rifles mnogokalibernymi it has a very quiet sound of a shot, but everything is relative, because silent shot do not take practice.

The database guns fell sports rifle AWM, which, like the L115, manufactured by Accuracy International. If we talk about the effectiveness of fire of this gun, the papers to the rifle, it is 1100 meters. But here it is necessary to take into account the fact that this distance is taken from the standpoint of the defeat of the enemy by means of secure personal body armor, in fact, an effective range of tools, of course, more, and dispersion of bullets increases, so that all conditional.

In general, the instrument even though the usual but very clear. Yet, despite the simplicity of the tool, the price of this rifle surpasses all reasonable limits, this is indeed the case when the funds are paid for quality, that is not quite normal because the British usually with firearms is not very lucky. In general, taking into account the development of the means of personal body armor, fully possible that in the near future sniper weapon chambered .338 LM will be the main medium for the army, but for now it is at least no longer exotic, but still very valuable and frequent tool and ammunition. I would like to see and ammunition, and instrument, which is comparable to their features zabugornom swatches made in Russia, in the end there is no limit to perfection, and to make ammo for the same tasks, the more advanced, if .338 Lapua Magnum can be fully.

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