Sniper rifles» Steyr AMR and IWS 2000

In the 80 years of the last century, many well-known manufacturers of firearms started to "play" with subcaliber ammunition, work on yourself and chuck tool for it and continue to present many famous weapons company, feeling that the coming future will be secured specifically for this instrument. Already at this point, you can select a huge number of samples, which no doubt can be called successful, but in mass creation until they are referring to the obvious financial difficulties for potential customers, because such an instrument, but rather cartridges to it are not very expensive. Apparently as long as the army and police watchmen of the world is not ripe for that to give more than the usual amount for each shot.

Albeit in the middle of a small, but a bewildering number of models, tools, using sub-caliber ammunition separately is to provide a sniper rifle. After all, if the transition to a new type of ammunition, and will be carried out, the specific data samples with a view to their more superior performance in comparison with approximate the characteristics of the models using traditional ammunition. After all, what would be the price the cartridge was not specifically in the work of a sniper, it pays off. So one of the models such tools is the brainchild of the Austrian company Steyr, positioned by the manufacturer as mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle or, as it is now stylishly read, "antimaterial" rifle.

Work on the creation of new weapons and ammunition for it began in 1984, while still at the initial stage, experiments were performed with a 12.7 mm ammunition. The plan was to make the cartridge, which would be used in conventional weapons, but it did not work out. 12.7 mm was not enough to position it feathered projectile that would be superior to conventional ammunition in their design features. Rejecting the idea of a pretty successful, whether it is implemented, to create a cartridge with a sabot projectile-based patron 12.7 h99, the designers started to increase the caliber of ammunition. 1st option holder with more or less successful traits was 14.5 mm caliber, under it was released a few rifles designated the AMR 5075.

This cartridge is a rather fascinating design, which naturally affects the cost of ammunition. So the most exciting moment is the fact that the ignition powder charge does not occur at the bottoms of the sleeve, and the center, resulting in a Hassle-burning gunpowder, respectively, and more than a Hassle-pressurisation of propellant gases, respectively, and increases the speed of the projectile. The very same bullet, if it can be called, is a shared-plastic shell, which is sandwiched an arrow from a tungsten alloy. The most difficult for the developers was to make this design a plastic shell that can not be fully influenced by the path of the boom itself during the separation from her. And I must say they succeeded. Almost a few meters from the muzzle of the projectile loses its plastic wrap under the influence of increasing air resistance, then the impending move, with virtually the same rate continues to boom out of a tungsten alloy. With all of this boom itself, being feathered, stabilized in flight, and it has the least significant impact causes such as crosswinds and others. But keep in mind the weight of the small arrows, because of which the effective implementation of distance was very small in comparison with the same vserasprostranennym a .50 BMG. In general, for the experimental standard, even those effective range of 800 meters, which showed the rifle AMR 5075 were entirely good result. Just be aware that the effective range in this case is not calculated exactly the same as for ordinary guns, but with the condition of steady penetration of armor. Another feature of this cartridge is that the plastic sleeve ammunition, despite the rather large powder charge, the iron is only Donets sleeve. This has greatly reduce the weight of ammunition, and of the price of this obviously was not higher, although still remained the highest.

Certainly, many have directed attention to the title of the article to which tool called "sniper rifle", despite the absurdity of this expression, it is one hundred percent corresponds to reality. The fact that the gun barrel absolutely smooth, respectively, despite the higher accuracy and distance implementation, rifle his name can not be, but we will not go into the wilds of terminology. The first version of the rifle was in fact not entirely successful. First of bad its properties observed very highest recoil when shooting, which is partly offset by a muzzle brake, compensator and the most part automatic guns, but not compensated. Automatic rifle is built on the circuit with a longish recoil, which is not often seen. When fired, the powder gases are not only trying to push the bullet out of the barrel, and with the same effort to put pressure on the Donets sleeve. But the latter is sandwiched between the barrel and the bolt that does not give her free to leave the chamber. As a result of the gun barrel and slide are beginning to move back together. The last few centimeters way valve begins to turn and exits the grip on the barrel, then the bolt is fixed in the rear position, and the trunk begins to move forward in the process of which is extracted cartridge cases. When he reached his own front last point trunk instruments, releases the shutter, which slice begins to move to the trunk, remove the new cartridge from the magazine and inserting it into the chamber. With all of this in the last few centimeters own way to turn the bolt back, locking the barrel. Continue to the next cannon is shot. All these tumults raised in the assembly of a bullpup, with the widespread use of plastic to reduce weight and has three bipod. It should be noted that apart from the very highest recoil when fired from a given reference designers were not satisfied with the fruit on the effective-range shot, for this reason, work on the project continued and resulted not only in the modernization of the gun itself, and in the modernization of ammunition, which it is used. On the whole, it was the last experimental model, it has followed for the final finished product, absolutely ready for serial production.

As already mentioned above, the first weapon designed to destroy enemy light armored vehicles, parked aircraft, radar and destruction of unexploded ordnance on this particular and limited effective range of the gun. In order to increase the effective range, it was decided to increment the weight of tungsten darts, which in turn led to the rise and caliber bullet. In general, the design of the munition no prirekany was not, for this reason, limited only by an increase of the cartridge. After upgrading his caliber was 15.2 mm, and the already large powder charge is even more. Raising the caliber and capacity ammunition were not in vain, efficient use of distance weapon was already 1000 meters, with all this, at this distance the arrow punched 40 mm homogeneous armor, which is a pretty impressive figure. Although this tool is not created, and for firing at targets alive, what states and quite small effective range passport guns, but to lead such a consuming nobody forbids. With all of this effective range of tools is growing for another one and a half kilometers, which puts his belt almost all modern mnogokalibernye rifle. Do not just forget the fact that the construction boom is such that even when hit in a secure personal protective equipment is guaranteed fatal final goal. In general, far not every sniper can guarantee getting at such distances, even with that rifle.

Final perfo
rmance of the munition, which is used in the subsequent gun. Weight feathered arrows from 20 to 30 grams, its gauge of 5.5 mm, the velocity at the muzzle of 1450 meters per second. It should also be noted that when fired at 1000 boom lowered herself from the aiming point only 80 cm, and the highest speed of a bullet makes it more comfortable to move around shooting at targets.

Naturally, for the upgraded weapon was necessary and a new instrument, in whatever the problem was solved quite a lot of commitment. The final version of the "sniper rifle" was named IWS 2000, with whom he went to the arms market. In general, this model is not very different from the previous experimental results. All the same plastic for maximum weight reduction, the same build, the same scheme of automation. Of the configurations only added Pneumatic shock absorber, which placed around the trunk and, in fact, being the connecting link between the receiver and the barrel of the gun. Its presence has greatly stretch the time of impact and, despite the increased power of the weapon, to make it completely comfortable. With all of this should be noted separately that it had no effect on the accuracy of the gun.

In general, it should be emphasized that, despite the apparent size and angularity, the instrument came as quite comfortable during operation and during maintenance. Separately, it should be noted store rifles, which is very comfortably placed to the right tools at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the earth's surface. Third "leg" is also quite a nice addition, especially in situations when you have a long time to see the territory. Yet, by his own weight and size, despite the best efforts of designers, this tool is quite powerful and weary, losing even more vserasprostranennym rifles under cartridge .50BMG. So the weight of rifle without ammunition is 18 kilograms and the length of 180 centimeters, with barrel length of 1200 mm. So Makarov, according to their weight and dimensions of this rifle is closer to dvadtsatimillimetrovym mnogokalibernym sniper rifles. To make up for this shortcoming, the designers made the probable division of guns into two parts, which are packaged in two backpack and carried sniper calculation. Normally instrument is equipped with a ten-optical sight, but it can be replaced with more appropriate for the situation or for a good shooter.

If you look at this tool as a ready reference, it should be noted as such, minus the presence of air-oil damper shaft. In general, it does not cause prirekany, but that's what this particular element will behave capriciously with the highest or lowest temperature leaves no hesitation. Perhaps this discrepancy is solved by the substitution of oil by other type of oil, but this manufacturer is silent, well, this procedure is not likely to be normal, taking into account that the pressure inside the shock absorber with the shot pretty highest.

In general, this sniper rifle-gun in 1998 was a final product, it is ready to launch into mass creation. Yet, hitherto it tool has not received even a small spread. The reason for that is natural in the munition, though adopt only a tool is one thing, but when it comes to the addition of ammunition, here is portrayed in a completely different number. It is natural that this model rifle interested in small quantities bought it, but, as no matter what self-respecting company, Steyr not disclose information as who bought it. Reliably understood only that the U.S. Army has purchased several IWS 2000, which even managed to light up in the recent military actions, but it that would formally adopt this instrument on arms does not go. All the same pleasure as a weapon remains expensive even for those armies that get measured and substantial funding, regardless of the economic situation.

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