Sniper vs. Sniper

Confirmation of high-end small craftsmanship has always been a sniper destruction of the enemy. Find the position of another sniper is always very difficult — the most experienced shooter carefully disguises his position. Because in the end the essence kontrsnayperskih events in most cases was reduced to, to force him to shoot and thus reveal themselves. Before this sector carefully studied areas, where presumably could be a sniper, and determined the probable location of his "maturation." Naturally, in a flash of smoke shot and may not always be to pinpoint the position of: sniper can shoot from behind the rare shrub ("the effect of curtains") of a thick crown of the tree, from the depths of space.

Vserasprostranenny very welcome, come down to our time — the introduction of the pupa (dummy). The dummy was made in accordance with the artistic tastes, local features and the availability of scrap materials. In most cases, it constructed out of old clothing, stuffed with rags, put his hat on his head or helmet. Assistant sniper showing "doll" was to show imagination and a sense of proportion: a stranger sniper should not appear the slightest doubt that the real person in front of him. Because although stuffed and had to move, and at the same time does not show obvious desire to substitute a bullet. In defense of the criteria and demonstrated a dummy head with a helmet, but the most experienced sniper occasionally caught on a bait.

Sniper girl in a summer camouflage

There was a more luxurious way of working with the dolls: one Sniper (hunter) took a few shots at the enemy's position, and then found himself stuffed demonstrated, allowing the enemy to "destroy" him. Other sniper, was at that time on painstakingly disguised "maturation", he timed flashes of gunfire and destroyed the enemy sniper.

The case is a classic sniper Vasily Zaytsev duel with Major Konings, managing Berlin school shooters. During the fighting in Stalingrad, the German High Command, concerned about Russian activity "sverhmetkih shooters," decided to kill "the head of the Russian rabbit" — the edification of others and to raise the morale of their own fighter. Konings was transported by air to Stalingrad and began the first duel: shot a 2-Russian snipers, both with the first shot. It was a challenge.

The commander of 284th Infantry Division, Colonel Batsyuk summoned for themselves snipers and ordered at any cost to kill a German. Check-Nazi sniper set for Russian arrows latest task: it was necessary to find him, to study his habits, tricks, and wait patiently for the moment when they might be only one, but true, decisive shot.

On further fight nights in the dugout were heated debates. Each sniper voiced their suspicions, born daily observation of the front edge of the opponent. Retrieving offers different purposes and "bait." But what distinguishes the art of sniping that, despite the experience of many, the final battle is decided by one shooter. Meeting the enemy face to face, every time he has to create, to invent, to knit act. Template in the sniper can not be.

"In the preparation of the snipers I personally pocketed stealth and concealment of prime importance. Every sniper has its own strategy, its own methods, their own imagination, ingenuity. But all beginners and experienced snipers should always keep in mind that before you tactically mature, energetic, resourceful and very marksman. need to outsmart him, drawn into a complicated struggle and those tied to the position taken a liking to. How? invent wrong moves, scatter his attention, tangle their tracks irritate zamudrennymi movements, tire him the visual focus.

I am opposed to the fundamental organization of a sniper post, even in long-term defense system. Sniper — is a nomad, there is one point where opponent it does not wait. For the initiative to fight fire. One clue puzzles opponent did not give, if you do not have the conviction to pay for these tricks accurate fire swiftly and decisively … It is more difficult to divine the enemy snipers morals. I just clear — they are stubborn. And for them I found their own way: perfectly prepared doll, put her discreetly and you start to move — a doll, a person must change their positions. Next to your doll disguised position. Sniper gave the enemy shot by dolly, but it remained "alive", and then begins to demonstrate the stubborn nature. Makes the second shot, then getting ready for the third, but usually before the third shot he gets on the fly.
Seasoned enemy snipers come to their positions under the cover of fire and accompanied by 2-3 assistants. Before such a "wolf" I pretended to be a typically beginner, or rather, a common soldier, and lulled by its vigilance … to that of the Nazi sniper targets rapidly getting used and ceased to notice it. And while he was distracted on other things, I instantly took place target. This requires a few seconds. Hurled in the direction of the target and his head caught in a German sniper crosshairs own. "(V. Zaitsev." Beyond the Volga lands for us not to be ")

So where are all the same in Berlin sniper? Vasily Zaitsev well researched "handwriting" of the Nazi snipers to the liking of the fire and masking without much difficulty is different from the more experienced shooters from beginners, cowards of persistent and determined adversaries. But the manager of the school, its nature remains a mystery. Everyday observations nothing definite is not allowed. It was hard to tell which site it is. Perhaps he often changed his positions and as cautiously find Russian snipers as they have it.

German sniper rifle Mauser (K98) with a telescopic sight polutorakratnogo growth

At dawn, with Nikolai Zaitsev went Kulikov at the positions where yesterday were injured comrades. The whole day followed the front edge of the opponent, but did not find anything new. Was the end of day.

But that's over Nazi trench helmet suddenly appeared and began to move slowly along the trench. Shoot them? No, this is probably a trick: helmet swinging unnatural for some reason — it may be held assistant sniper, and he expects that the Russian gave himself a shot. By patience, which showed the enemy during day or, Zaitsev guessed that the Berlin sniper there. Required special care.

Passed and the second day.

On the third day in an ambush the arrow went commissar Danilov. The morning started normally: scattered darkness of the night, with every moment more clearly indicates the position of the enemy. Next to boil battle in the air hissing shells, but the arrow then lying to the optics, intently watched what was going on in front.

— Yes, that's it, I'll show you a finger for you — suddenly revived political instructor. He's a little, almost a second, inadvertently climbed above the parapet, but it was enough to hurt him a fascist. So could shoot only experienced sniper.

Birds with long peered into the enemy's positions, but he could not find an ambush. The rapidity of the shot, he concluded that the sniper is here and there in front of him.

Left — the destroyed tank on the right — the bunker. Experienced sniper in the tank is not zasyadet. In the bunker? There is none — loophole closed.

Battle Trophy Zaitseva — optical rifle sight of Major Konings

Between the tank and a bunker on the rovnenky area is a metal sheet with a small hillock of broken bricks. It has long been lying already become familiar.

Where better to take a sniper position? Do not dig under the cell s
heet NIGHT MODE making him the hidden passages. Hares decided to check. On a plate put on his mittens, picked it up. Fascist pecked. Zaitsev carefully lowered into the trench tablet in a position in which and raised. No demolition, direct hit means a fascist under the sheet.

Now we need to lure and catch it on the fly. Was worthless at the moment to achieve it. But the nature of the fascist sniper has been researched: the success of this position, he will not leave. Russian snipers should certainly change the position.

NIGHT MODE worked. Sat down before dawn. The Germans were on fire crossed the Volga. Day was breaking fast, and with the coming day or a fight developed with the latest in strength.
The sun rose. Kulikov made blind shot: Sniper should intrigue. Snipers have decided to wait out the first half of the day or because the radiance optics could give their position. After lunch, their rifles were already in the shade, while the German position fell the direct rays of the sun. At the edge of the sheet is something glittered: casual or a piece of glass, or Sniper sight.

Kulikov carefully, as it can make only the most experienced sniper, was the lift the helmet. Fascist shot. Kulikov momentarily turned himself loudly screamed and fell silent.

Hitlerite thought about it, he finally killed the Russian sniper, who was hunting for a day or four, and poked his head out from under the sheet. Counting on it Zaitsev. Shot. Fascist head sagged, and the telescopic sight of his rifle, not moving, gleaming in the sun until the evening.

Head of the Political Department of the 284th Infantry Division, Lieutenant Colonel VZ Tkachenko hands Ph.D. 1047-card sniper rifle regiment Sergeant-Major VG Zaitsev. 1942

"Finding purpose in the camp of the enemy, I divide into two steps. First began with the study of defense. Then found out where, when and under what circumstances, our soldiers have been wounded … This I attribute to the step of determining where to look for the target.

The second step is what I call destination search. In order not to get on the fly enemy sniper, reconnaissance surveillance area led by artillery or trench periscope tube. Optical sniper rifle sight or binoculars in the present case do not fit. Experience has shown that where there had previously been the revival of the enemy, and at this point you will not notice any of the 1st excessive motion means there dwelt seasoned predator. That's why I read his snipers: not investigate the situation, do not talk to people — do not go on the rampage. In the sniper case you need to adhere to the principle of "measure twice — cut once." Indeed, for the preparation of a clear shot needs a lot of work, to invent, to teach character, strength of the enemy, to grope his feeble place, and only then to start solving puzzles with one stone. "(V. Zaitsev." Beyond the Volga lands for us not to be ")

About a Russian sniper rifle training period majestically Russian war states, and the fact that in the post-war years, many of the former "sverhmetkih shooters" were leading the arrow-athletes. For example, a sniper 252 th Regiment of the NKVD VK Sevryughin, awarded nominal sniper rifle, took part in the World Championships in Caracas (1958), the Olympic Games in Helsinki and Melbourne. They also developed a training model of small-caliber pistol on the basis of TT. For his rifle merit VK Sevryughin awarded the "Symbol of Honor."

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