Snipers and grenade throwers SOUTH master the ability of action in modern combat

Snipers and grenade throwers SOUTH master the skills of action in modern combat

At the landfill Far in the Republic of Dagestan held collection with grenade throwers and snipers Southern Military Area (SOUTH). The event attracted more 150 troops. Increased attention is paid to the training of all newly arrived young replenishment.

Each category of servicemen carrying out planned more 100 hours of training sessions. Military personnel are well trained tactical action on the battlefield, right to choose and equip a gun emplacements, secretly move, produce observation and intelligence purposes, to lead fire at various distances of days and NIGHT MODE, in all weather criteria.

Instructors with combat experience will teach them to systemize and adjust goals fire, use day and night observation devices and aiming. Snipers also be trained as part of a sniper pair.

In the end fees soldiers perform exercises control of shooting from a staff weapon

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