Snipers Eastern Military Area will be trained

Snipers Eastern Military District will be trainedIn the Khabarovsk region in the training center will be additional training for about 100 soldiers who are serving in positions of snipers on the contract in the army of the Eastern Military Area.

For their first challenge will be the qualifying tests. To the military specialty sniper makes special demands, and only passed testing full compliance will be allowed a three-month course of study.

Snipers are running the most experienced instructors with combat experience will increase the capacity of Professor in different nuances of the special, fire and tactical training.

The course includes standard workout as tactical games, which represent the typical sniper "duel." Soldiers must learn to equip firing positions, detect and organize an ambush on different types of terrain and a variety of criteria battle the situation is rapidly detect output from different contingencies. Such techniques are forced soldiers to think unconventionally, take the initiative and resourcefulness.

Training will be completed in marksmanship competitions, and the speed of combat tasks. With all this snipers need to act alone or as part of a sniper pair.

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