Snipers in Afghanistan

Sniper — A specially selected, trained and prepared for independent development of existing fighter, marksman, able to skillfully operate in a combat environment. Problem sniper — destruction of principle and unsafe targets appearing on kutsee time, the patient decided to select a comfortable moment, so probably hit them. Art sniper is that without the help of others to find the target, assess its relevance and hit one shot.

1. Sniper rifle L96 with 7.62 mm ammunition.

2. Through the scope sniper rifle seen two bodies Taliban killed by a sniper bullet Mark Osmond.

3. Fighters from the sniper unit "4 rifle" examine the body 2- Taliban, killed one bullet.

4. The inhabitants of the village of Gorup you send Kalai came to collect the bodies.

5. Counting the dead by snipers Potter and Osmond at a military base Shamal Storray.

6. Rifle L96, of which Osmond killed 2 persons one bullet. At the butt of a rifle, he wrote 'I love U 0166' (I love you, 0166).

7. Spoils of War: Osmond (left) and Harry posing on a fake bike model Honda made in Iran, which killed two Taliban with a single bullet.

8. The position at which two Taliban were killed by a single bullet.

9. Through the scope sniper rifle visible armed Taliban fighters in Helmand in 2009.

10. Potter (left) and Osmond leave the military base Shamal Storray after its own operations, two hours after they destroyed the 2- Taliban.

11. Major Sean Birchall (left) and Sergeant Major Andy Campbell.

Snipers in Afghanistan

12. Colonel Rupert Tournel after an improvised explosive device in Helmand.

Snipers in Afghanistan

13. Lieutenant Mark Evison on its own base in Haji Alem.

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