Snow in the Urals city of Kurgan

Today, 23 September, in the Barrow was the first snow. But, given that the city is still above freezing temperatures (during the day was a plus 2-3 degrees), flakes melted instantly, the correspondent «URA.Ru».

Meanwhile, the rain today is the day. Storm drainage can not cope with the volume of precipitation. As a result, the Kurgan roads, even in the central area, large puddles formed, leading to traffic jams.

According Gismeteo, rain in Barrow will go all night. Only half a year on a Saturday morning work out. Moreover, the weekend weather forecasters promise not only a clear sky, but the heat — 17 degrees.

Add cooling observed in all areas of the Urals. Moreover, the first snowflakes seen this week in the Chelyabinsk region, where due to bad weather it was even declared a storm warning.

Ekaterina Lazareva

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