Socialists: Moldova is on the verge of territorial disintegration

Socialists: Moldova is on the verge of territorial disintegrationClashes between supporters and rumynounionistami Moldovan statehood in Balti August 5 "again substantiated that the Republic of Moldova, including the different ethnic composition and social structure of the region, is on the verge of territorial disintegration." This is stated in the statement of the Socialist Party Moldova, text is entered on August 7 edition of IA REGNUM.

The responsibility for the collision Socialists lozhut on unionist organizers of the march. As the creators of the document, "the first time the patriotic forces Moldova showed their unity to a common danger, the name of which unionism "." unionism, as the ideology of destruction Moldovan statehood, should be outlawed, "- said in a statement. Socialists are also convinced that the only way to prevent decay the country is the federalization Moldova.

As reported IA REGNUM, August 5 more Russian town of Balti in northern Moldova supporters Moldovan statehood rumynounionistam prevented in the march in support of unification with Romania. Unionists threw eggs and stones, and they were eventually obliged, accompanied by police to evacuate the town.

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