Soldiers porridge of worms: the military deny, and prosecutors are interested in

Soldier's porridge with worms: the military deny, and prosecutors are interested in

The scandal erupted around the army supply in the southern Kurils after the local network media said, as if one part of the starving soldiers and officers who did not even have a mess of worms, which they are trying to feed. Management of the Eastern Military Area (OIE) proves that it's not true, but the thing is already interested in the military prosecutors.

Military prosecutors neighborhood announced on Wednesday that it has organized inspection of catering personnel of a military unit on the peninsula of Kunashir and promises to take action if the scandalous details confirmed. The press service of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office also assured that "everything will be tested by the incident," RIA announcements.

The fact that the military part number 71435 on the peninsula of Kunashir in the village lagoon and placed 46th with machine-gun regiment, already the fourth week of starving soldiers and officers, told RIA SakhalinMedia mom 1st of military personnel.

According to her, in the finished food are maggots, the officers of all pictures, the command of the difficulties in the course and write a complaint to the prosecutor's office, but to no avail. "Before the New Year there are well fed — told the lady. — It is unclear what happened in the last month. My son is in this part of the past six months, has lost 10 kg."

Just as 1000 of the fighter and officers. They must either golodovat, or take food in the store, but the funds is not for everyone, said a military mom. Dining room of serving private enterprise "Slav", the CPS has oshtrafovyval it, but nothing has changed, the magazine writes.

Note that private enterprise with such title exists in sonorous corruption scandal in the Ministry of Defense. And with similar incidents in the meal worms began the famous uprising on the battleship "Potemkin", said RIA "New Region".

The press service of BBO refute information about starving soldiers. "All right products had been fully delivered to the outlying garrisons in the" northern delivery ", in conjunction cooperated three times a day nutrition in accordance with established norms, "and quality control of food fighter carried out by officers on duty shift and doctors — said the head of the press service Alexander Gordeev reporters on Tuesday.

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