Soul beings are moving. Proven?

In the "Bulletin of Experimental Medicine", which releases official Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, published a very mixed results of research at the Institute of Physiology Anokhin. The article, which caused such a mixed reaction among scientists, called "Contactless transmission of data acquired from the deceased to the nascent subject. An experimental study in rats . "

First, scientists have conducted research in the standard Morris pool — a very common experience, when rats were dipped into a pool of muddy water, where is the area that a rat is blind, and eventually remembers the way there, but it's not as simple as, for example, a man learn and remember your way with Google House View. As a result, selected twenty rats that better cope with this task. After that, selected mice were sedated, and after half an hour cut off their heads. Then the rodents were placed in a special two-storey box on the lower level and the upper level was driven to mate a pair of rats. As a result, it turned out that the birth of the female under such conditions studied to find the platform in the Morris pool faster than other rats.

Scientists made the following conclusion: "The results of the study indicate the possibility of non-contact transmission of information on previous learning from the dying body to the nascent, which currently does not have any of the known types of perceptual information." However, many scientists are quite skeptical to similar conclusions.



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