Soul. Out of time. Outside space

They say that one day Joseph Stalin asked the scientist-surgeon, Archbishop of Simferopol and the Crimea Valentine Voyno-Yasenetsky (Luke): "Is the famous physician believes in the existence of the soul?"

"I Believe" — said the surgeon. "You found it in the body during surgery?" — "No". — "So how can we believe that the soul exists?" — "Do you believe that a person has a conscience?" — Asked another question scientist. Stalin was silent for a while, and then said, "I believe." And then the war-Yasenetsky said: "In the bodies of the operated patients conscience, too, I have not found."

The Bible says, "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul." In other words, the brain and the heart and the soul of man by man made. But science has denied its existence.

However, in 1972 at a scientific conference in Canada, the world-renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Wilfred Bigelow shocked his fellow scientists, raising "unscientific" theme. According to him, those who deny the existence of the soul, remind him of the Soviet cosmonaut who, returning from orbit, reported that there is no God, because he did not see him there.

And here at Bigelow after thirty-two years of surgical practice has left no doubt about the existence of the soul: "Sometimes I have to be present at that. when people are moving out of state life to death. At this time, there are mysterious change. One of the most notable — the sudden extinction of life or light in her eyes. They become dull and lifeless, literally. " His speech Dr. Bigelow graduated as follows: "As a person who believes in the existence of the soul, I believe that it is time to penetrate the mystery of the phenomenon and find out what it is."

In the academic world of statement by the Canadian heart surgeon was met with skepticism. The main argument: there is no concept of the soul, giving us in experience, can not be obtained. In any experiment the result is a manifestation of our inner world. The knowledge of the soul as a holistic phenomenon goes beyond the experience and therefore can not be the object of scientific knowledge, which should always be based on experience.

But the arguments of the skeptics have been refuted. Numerous experiments conducted over the past decade have confirmed the presence of a person of this "non-anatomic body."

In the early 90's staff had a secret laboratory of Professor Vitaly Hromova the All-Union Research Institute of broadcast reception and Acoustics. Popov (VNIIRP) conducted experiments to capture the physical manifestations of "spiritual substance". It turned out that it is in the nature of the energy of radiation that creates sustainable field, which can be seen on a special computer screen.

According to a journalist who visited the lab, "it looked like a field being remotely like a newborn baby, with a disproportionately large head, tiny little body, crooked legs, smacked stumps of wings, fan-shaped tail, at the base of the visible quite clearly, but then, as the removal from the body, more and more blurred and literally dissolves in space. "

Research Hromova unnoticed. But in late 1990, traveled around the world eye-opener: the soul is material and it can be weighed. In one of the laboratories in the USA found that the soul — is double bioplasmic person having an egg shape. It leaves the body of homo sapiens in the time of his death.

Weighing dying on specially designed scales, which took into account all the known physiology of the body weight fluctuations, leaving a nothingness, a researcher Layell Watson pointed out a startling fact: they become easier to 2.5-6.5 grams! And in each case weight loss occurred not smooth but discontinuously in the form of several successive stages. So, the soul leaves the body at once, but jerks?

It looked so fantastic, that the scientific world refused to believe until the Institute of Semiconductors of the Academy of Sciences of Lithuania Doctor of Natural Sciences Eugenyus Kugis not unique series of studies conducted in the wards for seriously ill patients. Exact measurements, scientists have shown that at the time of death, the person loses between 3 and 7 grams of weight. According Kugis, this is the "weight of the soul leaving the body." Thus, the data in both cases coincide, that is, there was a reproducible phenomenon that science considers the criterion of its truth.

By the way, similar to the human body weight changes are observed not only at the moment of death. Something similar is fixed and during sleep. Recently, in one medical center in Switzerland, researchers conducted an interesting experiment. 23 volunteers lay on the bed, ultra-sensitive balance and fell asleep. And in that moment, when the man crossed the line between reality and dream, he was losing weight from 4 to 6 grams. If the soul during sleep leaves the body and set off to wander off somewhere. On waking, all subjects exactly the same amount gained weight.

Further experiments will shed light on some interesting details of the "separation" of the soul with the body.

For example, a French physician Hippolytus Baradyuk decided to try going back to see the soul. He used a special camera equipment to capture external changes taking place in close proximity to humans, the passing into another world. And he did it — at the time of the death of his wife.

Photographs taken 15 minutes after her death, in an hour and 9 hours recorded three stages of separation of the body from the soul. The first image recorded on the body translucent nebula that resembles a small cloud. On the picture, taken an hour later, a cloud covers almost the entire surface of the image. After 9 hours — this is the scattered pieces nebula. And the St. Petersburg Medical equipment using infrared vision, it was recorded that at the time of death of a person is separated semi-elliptical energy facility. Subsequently, it is dissolved in the space.

Leading neuroscientist of our time, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Medical Sciences and many foreign academies Natalya Petrovna spondylitis writes: "I have spent my life studying the living human brain. And … faced with a "strange phenomena". The overall conclusion of our materials: a certain percentage of people continue to exist in a different form, as something separated from the body, which I did not want to give a different definition than the "soul." Indeed, in the body there is something that can be separated from him and even outlast the man himself. "


One indication of the presence of the soul is considered cases in which a person receives head injuries incompatible with life, if not deprived of the head, but in spite of this, makes reasonable efforts.
About authentic example of such a fantastic vitality said in a report Corporal Robert Krikshou discovered in the archives of the British War Office.

It sets out the circumstances of the death of the company commander Yorkshire Regiment of the Line Captain Terence Mulvaney during the conquest of India by the British in the early XIX century. This happened during the melee in the storming of Fort Amara. The captain carried the sword enemy soldier's head. But the headless body is collapsed to the ground and raised his rifle and fired at point-blank British officer right in the heart, and only then sank.

As witness the incredible, from the point of view of common sense, the case happened to be a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, the former regimental intelligence officer Boris Luchkin. During the search, behind the German commander of reconnaissance lieutenant stepped on a mine-jumping frog.

In these mines was a special lifting charge, which threw her a meter and a half up, after which the explosion occurred. It happened. In all directions the pieces flew. One of them completely blew his head to the lieutenant, who was walking in front of a meter from the Luchkina. But the headless commander, according to the sergeant, collapsed to the ground, although it remained only the chin and lower jaw. Above there was nothing.

So this is a terrible body undid his right hand jacket, pulled from his pocket a map with the route of movement and stretched her already drenched in blood, Luchkin. Only then killed Lieutenant fell. The search was disrupted. Reconnaissance team had to return to his people. The body of the commander, even after the death of "thinking" about his soldiers, they carried and buried near the headquarters of the regiment.

Even more incredible episode. CPA? after the war in the woods near Peterhof mushroom hunter found a bomb He wanted to consider it and held it to his face. Sound of explosion. Mushroomer completely blown off his head, but he was without two meters, three meters along a narrow board across the stream, and only then died. They say that this is not a legend: the materials remained in the archives of the criminal investigation department.

In April, 2002, in New York in da Pastor Harry Warren of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and an unidentified man came a hundred * complain of depression and futility of his own existence, and then suddenly took out a pistol from his belt Ruger 35-caliber and held it to his temple.

Brother Mike, who took the visitor hurried to leave the waiting room to, pi to him, to warn everyone in the house Ob danger, but then there was a shot. Ran into the room, the priest saw the body on the floor of the visitor, who carried a half a head shot. When Mike's brother leaned over him, hand suicide suddenly stood up and handed him a note … It unidentified asked to be buried in the Armenian cemetery.

But the dramatic testimony of Grozny resident Zelimkhan Yunusov. which was located in the city market, where there mortgaged militants detonated a powerful bomb:

"It was about 14.30 when sounded some very strong explosions … All around screaming and crying women everywhere wounded, torn limbs and blood. Slightly away from me, I saw the corpse of a man who decapitated. The body lay separately, the head separately. Around us there were people who did not understand what happened to them. Suddenly a hand grabbed the dead man lying next to a bag and frantically pressed it to her breast. Obviously, it was something very important for a dead man, maybe all the money. "

It turns out that even a sudden and complete loss of the brain does not entail immediate death. But then who or what controls the body, causing him to make quite reasonable steps?


For a long time, scientists have generally refused to discuss the question of the soul, disparagingly calling it "the priest's fiction." But international experience has never questioned the existence of the soul in man. And besides, gives it an important role in his life. This is reflected even in the fact that the language is stable, there are many expressions associated with this concept. For example, such as "heart aches", "soul rejoices", "alien soul darkness", "rock with soul sleep", "soul left in the heel", "take a sin," and so on and so n .

Parapsychologists call this "divine spark" energy being. But that's not the terminology. The main thing in other people can not learn science by God's providence, that is, his intentions and actions. Therefore can be any wonder why the Creator gave man the soul and what functions it performs in our mortal body. But the above facts show that in extreme situations, this energy being at a time takes control of the body, replacing the brain, and then leaves the body. This happens very rarely, and perhaps only when a particular person has to do something that was very important to him in life. Otherwise there is no answer.

Confirmation of the possibility that the soul can replace the brain and control the body, is the scientific study by Peter Fenwick of London Institute of Psychiatry and Sam Parin of the Central Hospital of Southampton. Meticulously studied the medical records of 63 cardiac patients who have experienced clinical death, scientists came to a sensational conclusion that the traditional notion of cessation of brain function due to a lack of oxygen in error.

None were in a state of clinical death was not recorded a significant reduction of the life-giving gas in the tissues of the central nervous system, where all the processes in the brain has ceased. It turns out that when the heart has stopped beating, the soul, and commanded the lungs, and circulatory system?

Three Dutch scientists conducted the most extensive study to date of people "who have visited the other world," and have come to similar conclusions. The soul is able to maintain vital functions of the human body.

One of those who did not believe colleagues, was a prominent American cardiologist Michael Sab. To refute "crazy" idea of withdrawal of the soul from the body, he spent most careful study, comparing the stories of 116 patients who have experienced clinical death tems that actually happened at a time when they were on the "other side", and that the objective was available Inspection.

Sub professor came to a disappointing conclusion for themselves: the soul after the death of the temporal body continues to exist while maintaining the ability to see, hear and feel. This proves conclusively that, according to the medical intensive care, patients often returning to the "other world", told in detail the actions to physicians with their lifeless bodies, and even that was the place to be at this time in the neighboring houses.


More recently, scientists have made a startling discovery that is associated with the soul. It turned out that she may at any time and leave a living person, not just a dream! We are talking about the mysterious phenomenon known as "out of body" when individuals are able somehow to travel in space, physically staying in the same place.

In the East, this unique gift for a long time attributed to the Buddhist monks and Indian yogis. However, Western scientists believed such stories fiction skepticism gradually vanished as the study of "out of body" engaged in serious researchers.

During the experiments, absolutely healthy people were injected into a state of hypnotic trance, which allows the soul to "go free." In this case, double check was conducted on the one hand, the soul has left the physical body could visit in a given area, and came back to tell a subject that she's watching. On the other hand, scientists, placing special equipment in this area, could indicate the presence of the soul.

Such studies have been performed by Dr. Charles Tart University of California, Dr. R. Morris, a group from the Institute of Energy Research bioenergicheskogo analysis and many others. Experiments with the measurement of changes in the condition of the physical body and the soul with the registration carried out in Russia and the Clinic of Neurosurgery, Military Medical Academy named after SM Kirov, as well as the Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Biology.

One experiment involved a group of volunteers from the 18 people who own method of meditation to dive into a trance. To register this state all of them carried out the registration of brain rhythms. As a result, reliably found traveling outside the body in different parts of Moscow, distant from the site of the experiment for a few kilometers, and even in other cities.

A prominent expert in the physiology of the brain working at the Institute of Radio Electronics of RAS, Doctor of Medical Sciences IV Rodshtat writes: "People are able to escape from the body supposedly make long journey, but take them to a hallucinatory experience is not possible, since the information obtained by them in his travels, there is high confidence. "

By the way, a curious discovery associated with the "immaterial" soul, made at Princeton University, USA. Participated in the experiments psychics, safe in the presence of the soul in man. They were seated under a specially designed installation from which spilled light bulbs. When the psychic was thinking about something abstract, balls, falling, according to the laws of physics, formed a mound of regular shape. But he had to focus on the soul and its material manifestations, as a form of slide change.

Group of researchers, headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor L. Spivak, in conjunction with the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academy of Medical Sciences has found that out of body experienced from 4 to 8% of pregnant women. At the same time take into account only those who dare or want to share with the researchers for their unusual experiences and impressions. According to scientists, women involuntary separation of the soul from the body to cause severe birth that require maximum efforts that goes beyond the physiological norm, that is, the extreme situation.

Themselves "out of body adventurer" say that the feeling of "escape" of his own body and seeing themselves from the outside appears instantly without any connection with what is happening around. It happens, usually unexpectedly for themselves and for the first time causes a "benevolent surprise" in relation to what they see from the outside.

No fear or pain, desire to appeal to the people or to enter into contact with them, they have not experienced. And no idea how much time were outside of his body.

To sum up, it is reasonable to say that the soul — is a unique substance, eternally living in different times, spaces and environments.



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