Soviet Belarus — you can. The people's will — no!

March 23 The Supreme Economic Court began to consider the claim of "Narodnaya Volya" the Information Ministry to abolish the warning issued Jan. 14 edition. Ministry of Information found a violation of the law in an interview with the leader of the unregistered youth organization "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich.

At the first hearing, the judge Catherine Karatkevich heard representatives of both sides — the "People's Will" and the Ministry of Information, as well as the author's controversial publication "Who hears the slogan" Leave! "?" Love Lunev as a witness. Editor in Chief ESeth Seredich immediately drew the attention of the court:

Joseph Syardich

"Report was published in September, and only in January, after 4 months, the Ministry of Information has decided to punish the" People's Will. "It says a lot, the high court».

In addition, a number of government publications are constantly writing about the activities of the same "Young Front". Representatives of the "People's Will" gave the court a whole pile of newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia", "Republic" and others and asked them to attach to the case. This provoked objections Head of Legal Department Ministry of Information Victoria Myaleshka. Lawyer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyaila, representing the interests of the court "People's Will", opined:

Harry Pahanyaila

"These materials and the practice of the Ministry of Information confirmed discriminatory treatment in respect of the independent newspaper" Narodnaya Volya ". Depriving us of the opportunity to present evidence, the court will limit our right to judicial protection, so we again Please add these materials to explore them. "

Finally controversial pile of newspapers to the case still attached.

On the question of Joseph Seredich, why not other publications issued warnings for publication with the leaders of the "Young Front", Ms Myaleshka said this:

"We analyzed these publications do not, therefore this issue I have no answer. "

Seredich: "All ministries only works on" The People's Will? "Well, thank you, thank you … Why did the warning was issued only the" People's Will "Why Mr. Jakubowicz in this hall is not fighting off your attacks, why not Mr. Lemeshenok here? '.

Myaleshka: "Let us not be distracted from the subject of today's proceedings."

As for the nature of the warning, the editorial insists that it is the author's publication, not the dissemination of information from someone's name.

Joseph Seredich laid out the argument:

"This is primarily viewed the author's view on the issue. Journalists are stated fact is true, I emphasize this. But for wider exposure of the theme the author resorts to the commentary and interviews of persons who directly or indirectly related to the action. This is not an official statement of their behalf of the organization. "

Love journalist Ilia expressed its opinion and responded to a direct question of the judge:

"I believe that on the other hand has fulfilled all the necessary conditions, which requires of us the journalistic code, submitted information" from the horse's mouth. "

Judge: "So you have Dashkevycha interviewed?"

"Yes. But I took the interview not as the leader of the" Young Front ", but as a private individual, from which comes this message that a new civil campaign. Moreover, we pointed out that the" Young Front "is not registered in Belarus, which it is registered in the Czech Republic. "

Head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Information Victoria Myaleshka laid out his vision of how a journalist should write stuff:

"It is not from a third party, not that of the author's use of the pronoun" they ", and the first person. If it was carried out by the author, it would sound something like this:" Young Front "and suggests that it will act as or so … "There is specific:" We have done this and that … ".

Lunev, "What if it is combined with the Media Law, which says that the journalist is obliged to provide an opinion, the ability to speak, of whom he writes? Excuse me, how do you see it?" Aesop language, "let's write, or what?"

The judge considered that the materials of the case require further study, and adjourned until Monday.

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