Special forces of the world North Korea (part 3)

Special Forces in Korea — more than a riot.
To successfully do these tasks, the men squads Special Forces undergo special training that is markedly different from the regular training of fighter forces.

They overcome 10 km per hour, bringing in all this 25-pound sandbags on their own shoulders. They boost the 400-meter (etalon!) across the width of the river — but the coolest seasons. Prepared to survive in the criteria for full autonomy, Special Forces are able to eat even a frog's eggs and perfectly aware of the suitability of the food in the bark of trees.

Special forces of the world "North Korea" (part 3)

DPRK army special forces in a "combat" situation, camouflage, conventional sovestskie "leaves" of the 1950s

They "is rolled 'ability to accurately hit moving targets at a distance of 200-400 meters, doing it every day for more than 15 minutes. More than 30 minutes a day to practice throwing knives — as once a day. They learn how to turn into an effective and deadly weapon cool even everyday utensils (spoons, chopsticks food, fork). In training taekwondo special forces operate only in full-contact, and the idea of using a training dummy rubber and plastic models instead of military weapons for special forces is just absurd.

The service life of the Army of the KPA is 5-8 years, with Special Forces serve as "the maximum". Structurally troops Specialty represented the 10th so-called "Sniper" teams, the 12th light infantry brigades, the 17th individual intelligence and 1-them airborne battalions. Being the world's countless, special forces has in its ranks more than 90 thousand soldiers.

Special forces of the world "North Korea" (part 3)

January 9, Pyongyang, North Korea. Special Forces soldiers are fighting capacity of the yearly rate of increase during the terrible winter weather criterion

In accordance with the concept of the use of special forces troops in the initial stage of hostilities load on their unholy will. In fact, before all the RDG, who first set foot on the opponent's area, are facing similar objectives: to sabotage transport arteries — destruction of airfields, roads, bridges, tunnels destruction headquarters, communications, storage and warehouses, the destruction of power lines and communications, military and physical liquidation technical personnel operating strategically principal objects of the enemy.

According to testimonies of defectors small, an important element of training elite soldiers of the KPA and training is a way of "disengagement": Special Forces are ready to sacrifice their lives if necessary — with the occurrence of unexpected events, when the job and away become unenforceable. (Portable razvedgruppu Special Forces behind enemy explosives were attached specifically to the body of men, which effectively nullifies the ability to capture even surrounded by commandos captured alive).

In commandos educated sincere belief that all their activities are carried out only in the interest of the party, the motherland and the people. And fluctuate as a result do not have: a high level of moral and psychological training commandos KPA recognized. Are no exception, and the representatives of a potential adversary, are familiar with the mind-boggling dedication northerners. The proud title of the Guard commandos Lofty Leader KPA is due.

How annoying would it sounds, poor source disk imaging on the KPA as before can only serve foreign media bins so small testimony of witnesses, whom happen to specifically meet one of the most closed countries of the XXI century. So, what do we know about the military elite of North Korea?

Raid shares Special Forces KPA lasts to this day — have not gone anywhere the possibility of starting the latest war, as well as a mutual willingness to maintain it: in addition to sabotage and intelligence operations commandos produce and re-roll cover agents. All this — in fighting cross-border criteria and rear areas completely virtual opponent! At the same time, given the difficult economic and social criteria, in a situation of significant military and technological backwardness of the KPA command relies specifically on parts and units of special forces. They play the role of a strike force in the likely potential showdown with "imperialists". (Specifically designed to equalize the chances of special forces in the fight against markedly superior KPA logistically enemy).


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