Special Forces soldier from God

Sixth of May this year there was an event that, for various reasons go unnoticed. Closed by the Decree of the President of Russian Federation, Colonel Evgeny G. Sergeyev was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously).

Most people is the name of anything is not states. But not the GRU special forces veterans. After all, 25 years after the commission of the feat and 5 years after the death was given this title are worthy of dignity.

People like Jack, you can GRU spetsnaz counted on the fingers of one hand.

Special Forces soldier from GodEUGENE G. Sergeev was born February 17, 1956 in Polotsk, the son of an officer paratrooper. Like many kids of war, in front of his eyes was a striking example of his father, ZHoru Ivanovic, and therefore was not thinking what to become.

In 1973, after high school he entered the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School Red Banner twice the Lenin Komsomol. At the Faculty of Special Intelligence, the 9th company.

It is believed to write that he was an example of both academically and in behavior, but I will not lie. Zhenya was never a prototype military discipline. Faster, on the contrary. In a skirmish always preferred to peel first. Often considered the lists of Ryazan garrison guardhouse. In May 1975, with his friend Dusík — Volodya Beresnevu — and squad leader Alexander Khudyakov served 15 days. Bailed out by the interference contributions father. Jora Ivanovic at the time was head of the Department of airborne training school.
Evgeny Sergeev had a will of steel and rare courage.

Zabiyachlivy temper, sharp brain and such a sharp tongue did not allow him to be a favorite with his superiors. But it was not enough to care. But the questions of friendship, the officer's honor and human pros were with him in the first place. And all his boundless respect.

Eugene married to Natasha for another 3-year student of the school. To marry the whole platoon arrived immediately after the jumps. Ninth company was a special military team, which different free-thinking and behavior rudeness. Although this time it was officially on leave.

He studied it well, had a phenomenal memory spy. According to the stories of Alexander the squad Khudiakova could at least some of the text on the British 2-3 typewritten pages to read a few times and if you do not recite by heart, it is close to the text. Being the smallest in the company, and he kept up with the sport from the other cadets. Was the favorite school of boxing. However, in his weight class, usually competitors did not turn out, and the winner is the automatic machine. But there was a case in which one of the companies prepare and boxer "Mukhachyov." Eugene was quick to confirm its own title, proving that wore it for nothing.

And yet he had riot policemen from God. His profession to know ive. Brain and boundless imagination allowed him to achieve results that others can only dream.

Serve after school got into Baikal. After a couple of years, he had command of a company of a separate special purpose deployed in Mongolia.
At the end of 1984 it was decided to strengthen the grouping of special forces in Afghanistan 3 separate units. Deputy commander of the 1st of them deployed on the basis of 8 obrSpN in Izjaslavl (PrikVO), became captain Sergeyev. The professionalism, the highest demands on themselves and to become his slave distinctive features of the post.

Special Forces soldier from GodMaybe someone thinks that settled down Sergeev, and that's put forward. Not on your life!
What was, and remained so. When deploying zampoteh caught in a squad of tank and decided that would be too small zamkombata and imprudently made against Eugene. But immediately got his head in the nose. Later on, undeterred by the fact that the conflict was the culprit, laid the offender Command neighborhood. And here in the squad put BTR-70 Romanian production. Armor in their fragile so that when towing a faulty cable car pulled tow hooks. Zamkombata this vyznat from subordinates, and immediately went to the command of a neighborhood. Its not much care what he is making new enemies for himself. Although the machines have changed, he remembered, and broken nose zampoteha and intractability when receiving equipment unit.

Caring Is this Captain Sergeyev? I think only in so far as …
The main thing was, and honor.

It was further accelerated combat coordination team and the long, difficult march through the Salang Afghan south, in Sharjah.

From the memoirs of Evgenia Sergeeva (further — ES): "I remember the Salang. The height of 4000 meters. Snowfall. I sat down next to Murodova, a driver's own BMP CABG, as the experience he has, like the others, was not enough. How to feel it. At one point, the car suffered. A tracked vehicles on the tarmac, like a beast on the ice. We have already braked above the cliff. The car swinging. On the armor soldiers, the abyss below us. Murodov not counting the blue sky does not see anything. I told him quietly say so, "Murodov, come back little by little, only mind you, I have time to jump, and you're not. Because at first think. " As checked out, I do not know. "

In this whole Sergeyev. No syusyukany and snot. Aggressive and true.

ES: "Finally arrived in Kabul, where dopoluchili people and technology, and moved on to Sharjah. Before Shardzhoem braked in Ghazni. We got the first loss. Oddly must explain to the soldiers that there is war, not a toy until the check, do not believe it. The three went into a minefield, where he blew up. Fortunately, otvertelis wounds. This fact played a positive role. To the consciousness of soldiers and officers in the end was to realize that there can be not only health, and life to lose. "

In fact, the entire military operation was in his hands. The detachment was in the "edge frightened of fools." "Spirits" here Russian fighter had never beheld so at first as "kappelevtsy" in the movie "Chapaev", walked into a psychological attack by the Boers at the ready.

Squad also be a separate piece that guarded the paratroopers battalion, and a bit later in the summer, it was attached to the link of the Mi-8 and Mi-24 unit, which seriously increased the combat abilities of the group.

Sergeyev acclimated in place swiftly.

E.? S.: "On the refinement and combat coordination is already on the new site we were given a month. In addition, the act was allowed to fight back from the PPD less than 5 km. In the course of these small outlets we inspected again the issues of interaction, the order of the service chiefs and other issues. As for the service chiefs, here again had to crush ingrained in the infantry and the Union of the system when the unit is working on his commander. Then, taking advantage of the power vested in me, I headed for the fact that in preparing teams to enter service chiefs provide them with all necessary based on the application of the company commander.

When we started to make the first outputs, I almost went with all the groups in person. Walking at the head patrol. He did it first in order to understand the specifics of the right to organize and the activities of the intelligence unit. Experience of combat for me, like all the others, was not. &q

As a true leader, he was everywhere at the head of his own subordinates. Ask who fought in Afghanistan, in which more detachment zamkombata walking patrol in the head? I'm sure that was not unique. Someone say: "Is the case going to the deputy commander of the" pain in the ass? " Of course not, if it goes on daily work. But when this work is only getting better, the commander must experience everything myself. Another thing is that not everyone is on the go. Watch the head — it's two or three people to ensure the safety of the group. They go forward at least 100 meters. Faced with the enemy, they can count only on themselves first. If in front of them a large force of the enemy, then the parent patrol takes the hit and that gives the group a chance or retreat, or take a lucrative position to repel the attack of the enemy. This means going to the head patrol.

But the war was characterized by the fact that some are waging war on it, and the other … At one point in the beginning of combat operations detachment, Eugene tried to make contact with our military advisers. Picked up a bottle of vodka. The bottle sold for a few healthy men symbolically. And when he returned, he was expecting the detachment head of the political team. Lieutenant Colonel was a very loud name — Taran. And even better suited rink. Get under it — God forbid.

No clarification on the circumstances, it did not operate. Still — 1985. The height of the "new thinking" and struggle with alcoholism.

This case and even then, that the captain was not a coward, later became one of the reasons why Jack did not, not, not received the title of Hero. Hero-he just became. Troop pretty quickly started to compete with the Kandahar squad in scoring. And this is one of the major awards
Evgenia Sergeeva.

Special Forces soldier from GodFirst, in 1986 at the Russian commander was reported that the area of the DRA CIA plans to deliver about 500 MANPADS "Stinger". This action could seriously affect available to the Russian army undisputed supremacy in the air. Because first 1986 circular to all parts of the special forces, acting on the Afghan countryside, was sent a telegram, signed by Marshal of the Russian Union of Sokolov. Telegram reported on the upcoming delivery, and that has captured the first "Stinger" expects the highest achievement — the Gold Star of Hero of the Russian Union.

January 5, 1987 ray inspection team under the command of Major General Sergeyev flew them on the planned route for the purpose of reconnaissance of the area to come ambush. Going to the maximum low altitude Meltanayskoe Gorge, they at one point faced with 3 bikes. Each pair sits on the Mujahideen, and behind the rear sticking some longish pipe. No one immediately and did not realize what it did for the pipe.

To learn how to take the first MANPADS "Stinger", written in the magazine "Big Brother" (02-2002, article "Who took the" Stinger "?). Let me remind you that the title of Hero of the heroes of the operation so far have not assigned. From the memoirs of Vladimir Kovtun, "Noise around it was a lot. Arrived brigade commander Colonel Gerasimov. Hero decided to introduce me, Sergeeva, Sable — Commander board on which we flew, and the 1st Sergeant's Boarding Party. For design submission to the Hero put pictures of the candidate. The four of us took pictures and … nothing. In my opinion, "Banner" was Sgt. At Eugene's recovery was not taken off the party, I was a criminal case. Would not have given the Hero helicopter pilot, to this day I do not know. For sure, he was also in disgrace … ".
All Afghan career at Sergeyev went awry because of a conflict with the head of the political department, when he angrily slammed the door and left. Taran not forgotten this rudeness, and soon the captain appeared Sergeeva penalties on a party band, and means no rewards for you or posts. The duration of two years, spent zamkombatom. Others, not fighting, career during this period did. Sergeyev did not get out of the war, and the battalion had not received.

After Afghanistan, Major Sergeev was replaced in Lagodekhi (Transcaucasian Military District), and got, what, out of the frying pan into the fire.
The Union has already brewing separatist tendencies. More intensively, they appeared in the Caucasus.

In Zakatalsky area where the ugliness started against the Armenians living there since ancient times to end the violence was directed two groups of 12 obrSpN. One of them commanded by Major Sergeyev.

The situation was very tense and difficult. Error in the decision could cost the career. Functionaries of various ranks in every possible way to shirk and substituted for the military.

E.? S.: "One day I was called Masolitin, which remained for the unit commander, "Sergeev, take with you eighty man, entrenching tool and going to Zakataly. The gun did not take it. Goes to the first member of the party. " I said, "Yes!" Fighters gathered and went to Zakataly. I did not mean, as the harsh conditions in the town. Arrived at the central square. And there is a large mass. Are veterans with medals on his chest. People worried. In the air, there is a tension. Approaching, I immediately distributed the people and sent eight to ten people to control outputs from the square. They are there, in my opinion, twelve. My fighter is clearly insufficient.

Our appearance does not defuse the situation, but rather the contrary. What happens is not clear. Approached a military district commissioner, once explained the situation, and he also offered to withdraw soldiers from the area. That's what I did. Again took the car and drove out of town. Located on the outskirts. Soon arrived Masolitin, and with it the remnants of my battalion and the 2nd battalion of the brigade. Also taken and given weapons and ammunition, but only the officers. We have arranged for a small tourist center. Then I immediately began to share personnel across dozens and retain them for officers and warrant officers. So much easier to manage. In different groups of people, and therefore had to create non-standard units.

The command of the brigade committed a severe error. It has not tried to seize the initiative and take control of the situation, although it could be done. Certainly, it was necessary to speak with the local authorities and jointly develop program from action to restore law and order in the town. But instead of that, we have closed on a camp and did not appear in the town.

In the end, only became worse, and soon the situation is headed for a climax. Weight, 600 people, stormed our CPR and rushed to the countryside camp site. Hearing the noise, I jumped with his men on the street. Enraged weight bearing down fast. Every second counts. Shots rang out from the crowd. Litsezrev armed men, I gave a little over the heads of all the warning and opened fire to kill. That was enough to make the masses instantly fled. On the pavement left two dead. Soon there will be our command. Oohs, aahs. What have you done!
A nachpo instantly appeared on the communications center and gave to the team radio that we are conducting the fight. After that, of course, came and Masolitin. I knew he was in Afghanistan. He knew that, contrary to popular beliefs I have not any adventurer, and the usual military officer. Maybe sometimes take faster decisions of others, in critical situations, so it is only a plus. He realized that if I did not I wonder what would have happened. "

As it turned out, a mess in the town were planned. Only the upcoming ha
rd line that no matter what went on hold Sergeev, is allowed to do only with 2 deaths and restore order in the town. At the same time, Kirovobad mess occurred, as a result of which soldiers were killed.

Special Forces soldier from GodE.? S.: "The fact that at the very beginning of the conflict we are very aggressively stopped mess, thus avoiding significantly more deaths. What exactly is so expressed and Sumgait, Baku and Kirovabads when people in positions of authority, failed to take appropriate decisions and political will. Weakness of the government provokes various extremists de force. We immediately showed that the world should not joke, do not also break the law. "

Naturally, these actions could not pass without any traces. Sergeyev was a criminal case, but it was sorted out and it was closed. But extremists on his head announced the merit of 50,000 rubles. According to Russian times the amount is large. Miraculously, he managed to avoid assassination. In this regard, he was offered another place of service.

He chose to Belarus, but served there for long.

E.? S.: "After the collapse of the Union of Belarus, I transferred to Chuchkovo. Then took the battalion, which had previously stood in the Loshkargahe. The battalion was good. No problems. However, the Academy did not hit. At first, did not start, and later burned. Brigade commanded by Alex Fomin, who was chief of staff of our Shardzhoyskogo squad. I knew him since college.

One day at one point, he calls me to discover. It turns out that in Asbestos-based 12th Brigade, which was not so long ago brought from Georgia, formed squad, again the same for Georgia. It is composed of Russian peacekeepers had to stand in Tbilisi. Fomin said that a call from the GRU and very clear hinted at the fact that this team has to lead me. I have a lump on his throat hurt rolled. Even blurted out, "Why me again? That, in the special forces battalion commanders no more? Peacekeeping battalion, will be deployed in the adjacent state. Here and in the status of the battalion commander should be higher — academic education required. And we "academy" does not end! "Fomin picked up the phone and contacted the GRU. I do not remember who I was talking about. But over all it turned out that I go. Sad. As to the academy, so I do not like the post above, too wide. As in some hot point so only Sergeev. In short, I rested. And it was because of that. The battalion I had a good two years. Just regular life began. I heard in the handset ask me what I want instead of what would agree to go to Georgia. Well, I do not be fool, get well, and say, "I want to Pskov as deputy brigade commander on VAR." In the tube initially silent, later began: "Let's see …" What after all is there to understand? Asked me to think about. Well, you can conceive. And even the most tears flowed. Carry away

In the end, for sure, I all went to, but to start at first did not want to. As for the level of soldiers and officers in the battalion-written, it was clear. Who is part of a decent soldier let go? We are there not so long ago the most notorious of all fused. "

Hard to say what would have ended, but here began Chechnya.
E.? S.: "And again called me Fomin:" We have decided. Your team is going to Chechnya. " There is no place to escape. What did it for commander, that his battalion refuses to do military tasks? Since the unit was consolidated, albeit on the basis of mine, I started the development of temporary staff. For the base of the Afghan state took the squad. But only for the base. To the scouts were not engaged in the protection of their own PPD and duty, I made a platoon of the platoon and the curfew. Service chiefs were going, but my staff, crew chiefs. Do commanders appeared deputies. They were the commanders of the adjacent mouth. In total, there were two squad 50. Chief of Staff, I had Eldar Akhmetshin. As officers entered the headquarters detachment of the brigade headquarters. Immediately it should be noted that the staff came out strong. Packing state of detachment, we started training. But to perform any tasks necessary to prepare itself fighters, no one knew. It's one thing if we do the, intelligence tasks, and another thing, if we hang on uncharacteristic special forces task execution. In any case, all practiced. Even trained to attack the house. To increase physical endurance all the fighters from the climb up to lights strolling in flak jackets. Were constantly shooting. About a month later we flew to Mozdok. Since we took off and head of intelligence of the county. "

Lieutenant Colonel Sergeyev and then showed its own organizational skills. Squad soon begin the task. Combat was back in front. Group's squad along with a group of 45th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment first went to the palace of Dudayev. Sergeeva squad which did put his puzzles. But tragedy has torn off the glorious path detachment and a military career Evgeny Sergeev.

E.? S.: "After completing puzzle, we headed back to base in severity. Then it was confirmed that the officer, who was part of the group that led the fight, shameful fled. He did it Tipo in order to get help. But in this story no one believed. There was to be ashamed of the fact of fearfulness. It was already late enough. I gathered the staff officers and management. It was necessary to discuss how to further proceed with the officer, who stained their honor. The question to be solved principle. Like it or not, and in our hands has been the fate of man. I offered to bring him back to the team, and then let him parsed command. To enable officers to discuss my proposal, I went outside to relieve himself. When passing through accommodation, where the soldiers and officers who beheld the subject of our reflections lying on the bed face down. Approaching the APCs, I felt a strong push ground under their feet. Fell, something had fallen on me. Lost consciousness. When I came to myself, felt that someone walks by me. Filed voice. Someone asked: "Who is it?" The answer is: "Combat". Later, I was dragged out of the wreckage debris. Sneakers, in which was shod, remained under it. I walk with bare feet. People gathered, organized analysis of the dam and the search for those who remain under the debris. Nothing is clear. Clearly just part of a 3-storey building, where we were placed, destroyed by the explosion. Lost consciousness. Woke up in the hospital only. Here and learned that eight killed 40 people.

In fact to this day, no one can say for sure that then exploded. Many of the highest chiefs and the media tried to blame all for me personally and my staff. Tipo we have not checked the building, and it was mined. Even found a wire leading from the ruins of the house to the fence. But this is nonsense. In 1-x, x, fighting is not the first year, well aware that the buildings in the captured town there can be surprises. On the books and the experience of Elijah G. Starinova we were brought up. Because I again confirm that the building has been tested by us on the subject of mining. But all the same if we imagine that we were not able to find the bomb, wire-guided, which later found the Tipo, then it can make an objection. Courtyard building was asphalted, and in order to lay a cable, it was necessary to remove the asphalt at the point where the cable runs. And that's certainly rushed to the eyes. If we admit that the building was mined in advance and the wire is laid long ago, and the place of its occurrence asphalted in the hope that the army will take stern, and applicable to the location of the building will settle th
e military, you should assume that the house would be mined so that the collapsed not only its one corner. I think that in this case would work pro and would bookmark that would have brought down the whole building. In another fuss and no need. Because this version does not hold water.

Second version — this is what I have in the room next to the staff, kept the explosive suitable for us. Frame officer, whose fate we have decided not to bear the shame, went out there and blew himself up with a grenade and all. But it's not like the truth, because in a minute before the explosion, I beheld him lying on the bed.

A possible cause of the explosion — an artillery shell hit. The fact that in that war artillery lupila in pure white light and often fell on his own, it is no secret. After I heard about a similar case with the division of the Marine Corps. Nature of the destroyed house shows that it is more possible version. In any case, it confirmed the Gunners. And who, if not them, to know what happens when shells hit the building.
Indirectly confirms the version of how swiftly rejected its highest chiefs. Find out whose it was a shell, is hard enough. The trial will testify about the mess of things happening in severity. And so, are to blame … ".

In chuchkovskoy team opened the monument to the dead. Sergeyev also resigned for health reasons. And immediately became broke.
His health was failing, but no one except family and close friends before the case was not. In our country, the system does not change.
He died before Easter, on the night of April 26, 2008, from the fourth heart attack. According to paranormal reasons for the funeral has not been assigned a noble guard, was not and representatives of the GRU …

But do not think that Colonel Evgeny G. Sergeeva forgotten. In contrast to the motherland and the Special Forces, which he properly served all his life, came to his friends and acquaintances, people who knew that this was the kind of person …

Special Forces soldier from GodFriends and co-workers, veterans organizations after 5 years, after long efforts finally have gained assignment Evgeny G. Sergeyev title of Hero of the Russian Federation, posthumously. In order for this to come to pass, the chief of the GRU Colonel General Alexander Shlyakhturov personally carried to the Minister of Defence. Hope was little. Promised the highest rank assigned either at the time of the Soviet Union or in times of democracy at the time of the board of various presidents. But Anatoly E. Serdyukov, looking presentation, said that this puzzle will be solved. And he decided. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation was signed on 6 May 2012.

If that happened years earlier six or seven, maybe it was at this point would be with us …

As long as the material was prepared for publication August 8, 2012 Gold Star of the Hero of the Russian Federation Yevgeny widow Natalia gave the GRU Colonel General Alexander Shlyakhturov, chief The head of the General Staff. After presenting a banquet was held in the Central House of the Russian army at the Suvorov Square. Hero came to congratulate the family of his friends and colleagues.

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