Specialists airborne Ukrainian Armed Services investigated the new system descent and landing

Experts airborne Ukrainian Armed Services explored new system descent and landingIn Nikolayev-based 79th Airborne Brigade officers took charges Airborne Service airmobile troops, special purpose NE and Naval Forces Ukraine, Marines, schools, and special purpose Interior Troops Ukraine.

"The main objective of the event was the research and development of spices airborne services of new systems descent and landing, which recently will be adopted by the sun Ukraine: Parachute special purpose "Status of CH" type "wing" and a set of plug-board equipment of the helicopter "Adapter 1M", — said the manager duties, the deputy commander of airborne troops Sun Ukraine — Head of Airborne Service Colonel Yuri Galushkin.

Recently, the planned purchase of 20 sets of "Adapter 1M", 200 sets of parachute systems "Status of SN" and spare parachute systems PO-80.

According to the views of Yu.Galushkina new system descent and landing significantly strengthen the ability of airborne, reconnaissance and special armed forces units Ukraine to deliver them to the area of the following problems with the evacuation.

Total fees in the process was performed 272 parachute jumps, 84 of which — with the introduction of special purpose parachute "The status of heart failure." In addition, participants completed 212 runs fees with the introduction of on-board equipment, "Adapter 1M" and 30 lifts (during evacuation training reconnaissance).

As a result of fees, each participant has been authorized to self-training of personnel on the use of on-board equipment kit "Adapter 1M" in their own divisions.

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