Specialists argue, than to change the aging Satan

Experts argue over what to replace the aging "Satan"Hot announcements, as is often the case, come to us from across the ocean. "The decision to develop the newest intercontinental ballistic missile, which will replace the RS-20 or R-36MUTTH and R-36M2" Governor "(in Western ordering SS-18 Satan -« Satan "), is still pending." This was announced in Washington, DC at the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe last chief of the Head of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces mission, Candidate of Military Sciences, Doctor of Military Sciences Academy, Colonel-General Viktor Esin retired.

The general said that "it is possible that such rocket appear, but the specific solutions while No, as long as there is an assignment to conduct research. " Viktor Esin submitted that "the results of the research will determine the kind of modern missiles, then the decision will be made about the need for its creation on the basis of the development of the military-strategic situation. If a positive result is verified and quantified the need for products. " In addition, the expert added that "the development of such a weighty rocket weighing 211 tonnes conducted most likely will not be, its creators will be able to form the brakes on the crotch."

So the detailed story of Viktor Esin about the newest rocket, which should come to replace the "Governor" ("Satan"), explains, in our opinion, several circumstances. The first of them — a purely impartial. The largest in the world languishing liquid rocket systems 36MUTTH P-and R-36M2, kitted reentry warhead with a capacity of 10 warheads of 750 kilotons of any system and overcome the most modern and promising missile defense are on duty in our country (near Dombarovsky and Uzhur ) is already more than 20 years.

According to public data, as of July of the present year had only 58 units (up to reductions under START-1 was 308). In the coming years to 2020 they have to go into the history of the age. Most of those that are currently on active duty, the already overcome warranty and extended time as defined by their technical passports. The fact that they do not pose any threat to the maintenance of their staff and are in good repair and fully combat ready, show constant launches of missiles from the test site in Baikonur launch satellites as "civil" rocket "Dnepr", which is actually a "Governor" ("Satan"), removed from combat duty.

But endlessly to keep these missiles in combat formation still can not. Like every living creature (a strategic rocket — Specifically, a living being, however, these words seem to someone imaginary and paradoxical. — VL), their life has a time limit. It is suitable to its own logical outcome. Moreover, the logical approach of total length of stay on duty and other Russian strategic missile systems — liquid ballistic missile UR-100NUTTKh "Weaving" (in Western ordering SS-19 Stiletto), they have now 70 and was 360, they are deployed Kozelsk in the Kaluga region and Tatishchevo Saratov. Also coming to the end of the warranty period, the availability of on alert and solid ground strategic missile systems RT-2PM "Topol" (in Western ordering SS-25 Sickle — «Hammer"), as long as they have 171 unit stationed in Yoshkar-Ola, under Nizhny Tagil, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Barnaul and Vypolzovo in the Tver region.

Given that of 605 strategic missiles that we have at this point in the fighting ranks, actually half in the coming years will be injected into retirement, the understandable concerns and the military, and the management of the country. Not only that it is necessary to make a contract Prague (START-3) with the U.S., where we can (should), as Americans, have 700 deployed delivery vehicles and 100 more in storage. The issue is more acute. With strategic missiles we — the stately country that wishes to those who either do not want, but have to be considered. Without them — just a raw materials appendage. Or the West or the East.

Yes, and with the substitution of "Governors" ("Satan"), as well as "Hundreds," all is not well. The manual of the defense-industrial complex is a struggle, what missiles to replace the retiring P-36M2 and UR-100NUTTKh — liquid or solid fuel. For each of these groups — the renowned design offices and multi-million dollar production teams, who, in spite of everything, while still work. Although with difficulty. Zhidkostniki offer almost revive the 'Satan': that the first and second stage it can be done again at the Dnepropetrovsk plant "Pivdenmash" where once did the P-36, and the remainder snap — warheads, breeding systems and so on — in.

However, the problem is that the Treaty of Lisbon on the 90-ies of the last century, signed by the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, none of these countries, except Russia and the U.S. can not do strategic nuclear missiles. And "Pivdenmash" first. Get in and out of this contract, as suggested by some — a very risky move. Whether it is willing to Ukraine — the big question. Or defer the implementation of the heavy liquid rocket middle ground in Russia — here too there are difficulties which need to read separately. So says the chief designer and past UR-100NUTTKh, Lenin and State prizes Herbert Yefremov.

There are a many-headed in the Russian Federation and the solid-fuel missiles, not counting the long-suffering marine RSM-56 "Bulava", which still does not fly, ground missile system RS-24 which atonement for combat duty in December of last year. There is also a one-piece shaft and ground defense systems RT-2PM "Topol-M» (SS-27). They are today — 67. But these missiles while absolutely can not solve the problems of the contract and Prague, and guaranteed the security of the Russian Federation.

Fundamentally izderzhat 19 trillion. rub., which allocates the budget for the Municipal weapons program from 2011-2020, so that all the difficulties, which they say, Colonel-General Viktor Esin and academician of the Academy of Military Sciences Herbert Yefremov have been resolved. Will it is a military and political control of the country, as our designers and production — the big question.

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