Specialists NBC defense troops ASD learn the latest technology

Experts CBR defense troops ASD learn new techniques

More than 300 soldiers and more than 70 units. special equipment unit NBC defense troops near Moscow military units ASD displayed on sites for practical training.

As told in the press service of the Office of disk imaging and Defense Ministry, during field training unit CBR defense work out the practical actions of personnel on the operation of special equipment, weapons and the means CBR defense, sets special treatment, radiation devices and chemical reconnaissance, aerosol mask, are trained to do NBC protection measures in the criteria, it is very close to the fighting.

Practical classes are held with the use of new types of special equipment CBR defense forces, entered service Troops ASD in 2012. Technical features 10 modern chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-4-01 and special avtorazlivochnyh stations ARS-14km tested in field criteria.

Brand new appliances CBR defense forces equipped with modern standards of NBC reconnaissance devices and navigation equipment, allowing to make the collection and transmission of data on CBRN environment the automated command and control.

In addition to performing tasks for special treatment, modern technology is capable of providing visibility reduction of troops and objects staging aerosol screens.

Brand new equipment is mounted on a modern basis inflated cross KamAZ chassis and BTR-80, which significantly increases its ability in actual combat criteria.

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