Specialists were able to assess the ability of new models sverhdalnoboynyh jet flame throwers

Experts were able to evaluate the possibility of new models sverhdalnoboynyh jet flame throwersAlmost three military professionals of different types of troops from the 58th Army of the Southern Military Area received opportunity take part in the demonstration exercises, held at the site Shalhi. Among them were special on radiation, chemical and biological protection. The purpose of the training was to train military personnel management issues of radiation, chemical, and biological types of intelligence, the embodiment of radiological and chemical control. In addition, the military made a special pilot testing of weapons, vehicles, types of aerosol masking personnel and various objects. Measures were taken to decontaminate terrain.

In the program of classes than anything else was included demonstration of new combat abilities with sverhdalnoboynye characteristics of jet RPO PDM-A. They entered service only in the 2nd half of the year. At the disposal of the troops of the 58th Army was given new weapons in quantities of 2,000 units. By associating with the previous models, specifically reactive with a flamethrower RPO-D "Bumblebee", PDM-A has before him a number of advantages. For example, oversized and increased almost 2-fold range of fire.

In absolute terms, this can be expressed then as: jet of infantry flamethrower PDM-A has the highest range of the weapon is not less than 1700 meters. Aimed firing can be conducted at a distance of about 800 meters. Flamethrower demonstrated its high efficiency and good reliability during implementation operation to establish peace in Georgia. It should be noted that the fraction of new weapons in the parts of the NBC 58th Army today has risen to 30%. This process is typical not only for the armies of the Southern Military Area, and has a temper widespread transition to a more modern military weapons and military equipment.

In addition, the following are planned deliveries to these troops with flamethrowers thermobaric equipment. With its high-blasting pulse can make a sharp pressure drop. Apart from this, the military will receive new modern machines for radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance modification RHM-6.

The paper used the data of the Information Support of the Southern Military Area Russian Federation.

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