Spetsnaz FSB. Heroes stamped Secret. A special report A.Sladkova

Spetsnaz FSB.  Heroes stamped "Secret."  Special Report A.Sladkova

30 years ago, was created "Vympel" — superzakrytaya, and now the famous group of special purpose. Hard to talk about the special forces of the FSB and the fighters who serve in it, when the disk imaging — a real miser. And even if you get this minuscule known, it can be read even less. But the hunt is very aware see these people who are living under the heading "Most Secret"!

In the news often flashes: special forces, special forces … But they say never "Control" B "," pennant. "Since these men arise when others — strong seasoned masters — have not managed. They do some unspeakable things, sometimes very unsafe. Even the exercises.

Occasionally, but there is that "men in black" flicker on the display. That contingent terrorists seized a nuclear power plant, the plant with a poisonous products. Because you need someone to bail out the world? "Vympel" is always in disguise, in closed helmets.

10 years ago in Moscow, at the Palace of Culture "Dinamo", it was possible to build up their faces. No, not existing employees. Veterans! The audience whispered, "Here in Nicaragua, this worked, but this one — in Afghanistan. Such was the case!" But outside of these were ordinary people. They obymalis, were treated to a photo of themselves in their youth. These are people who all their lives were trained to wage war. Since Afghanistan …

Now select candidates is becoming more difficult. Requires an intellectual sport without bad habits and with the highest moral qualities. And who comes out as a result of the endless activities — a boat or a man? Employee of the "B" special purpose FSB Center Alexei Romanov is sure: "Of course, people. Naturally man. With all its positives and all the shortcomings. But the man which consumed with milk moms love to his homeland. Loudly say the word "homeland", but without this notion is unrealistic to be in this division. "

We have a sports star, theater, scientists have known for whole world. Alexei Romanov also a star, with a world scale. But they know it only in certain circles, the master. And in the "Vympel" he's not one such. There are some employees who prior to the service, while in the glow of sporting glory, suddenly disappeared for all, once in the "Vympel" continue doing without carpet tracks, fanfare and applause.

Alexei Romanov led a four-year war in Afghanistan. His first order he received fighter-paratrooper, later — the officer after the Ryazan Airborne School. The two Chechen campaigns, 10's successful operations already in the "Vympel". The unknown hero! "Pro fame here nobody ever thinks. And do not rely on the fact that after a certain clearance time a person becomes known. Since the service itself suggests that people long years is always in the shade, and he never relies on the fact remember that about him, "- admitted veteran unit.

On the archival footage — an old "Pennant. "Yuri I. Drozdov — one of the founders of the group. Naturally, the people that the display were 100 percent convinced that the shots will never be shown on television. But time passes, the declassified materials. And the screen is not always visible to the person but from time to time, his eyes twinkling, the profiles of those who started. Naturally, it was more difficult to others. In the future, they expected a subversive work abroad, but now that the enemy himself came to our area. He performs acts of sabotage, and "Vympel" them or predutverzhdaet, or extinguishes the consequences.

Cemetery, quite large … Then bury the dead commandos. On the dark obelisks in the form of portraits of people, many carved decorations and star of Heroes. This means that awarded posthumously. Come here often unwitting debtors of the victims, those who have been saved at the expense of employees. Here then you can look into their faces — they are now non-secret.

"30 years. During this clearance country we managed to war in South America, and Vietnam, and in Africa and in Afghanistan, and in all local conflicts we have in the North Caucasus. Because state that we have a huge cemetery, incorrectly . incorrectly, Yes, we have a loss, but do not forget that the most important area — this is our "- sure Alexey Novels.

The monument at the grave of Alexei Balandin also bears the star. He is a hero of, posthumously. That is the fate of the officer: Infantry School, Afghanistan, the Frunze Academy, and later — "Vympel". He was always with his men, like hard it was — and in the mountains, and special operations. Balandin never run a fight, sitting on the sidelines: always with a gun, always in the thick of things. In principle, as in the "Vympel" and accepted.

When Alex Balandin was fatally shot, knowing that he was doomed, he commanded until the end of his men. When he left, the healthy strong men wept. What a pity that you can not shoot a film about each commando during his lifetime. "This is a man who lived with you, serve, eat, drink, enjoy life, share the misery, sorrow, that in our lives we all have. Right? Because at least some people who have died, including our colleagues, employees, friends of "Vympel" … Of course, this separation and bereavement for you in the spirit of man "- said Alexey Romanov.

There is a clear sentence: "The conditions close to the fighting." On exercises near the soldiers on the walls there are fountains of dust. These are the real bullets! In response, the staff did not have to kill all in a row — only enemies. A hostages — save! Veteran Office "B" Viacheslav Bocharov explained: "Related to SWAT profession — a surgeon. At one time, when I was not yet ripe for military service in mind I had the idea to enroll in medical school. Wished only be a doctor. Surgeon — this commando , Special Forces — is a surgeon. need to make a decision about what to cut, cut and fit without harm to the body. "

Another officer's fate: Hero of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Bocharov. In Beslan, he first broke into the burning school, was fighting alone, while his own children were not inside. Rescued babies, were seriously injured. Found him dead in the middle. He survived, escaped from the intensive care unit. The doctor said, "If you raise the subject of 5kg heavier — die. Bocharov Six months later, was already involved in a par with all the other members of" Vympel. "He was back in the ranks.

Alexei Romanov admitted: "A person does not think about the fact that after a certain clearance time he must perform the feat. This does not have Munchausen's, when" I now plan performing a feat. "Such is not, We all — completely normal people. And ordinary people think about the things of the world. Not that I have a minute break to discover odezhku and rush into the breach. "

Viacheslav Bocharov was wounded in Afghanistan, fell into a padded helicopter. In Beslan, he was wounded, was lying in the hospital. "Relatives were worried about me. All my life was — never regretted. Although I have lost a lot of friends heavily in combat missions. But I have never regretted that became a war. It is not honest to yourself, "- he said.

"Vympel", Special Forces … ordinariness people with their weaknesses, the horrors, current neuvvyazkami. But it all goes to the second plan sounds like a team that should be taken gun and go forward to the end. Capable of this people are not so much.

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