Stage of civilization. Henry VIII watch online

Stage of civilization.  Henry VIII watch online
Henry VIII Tudor (born Henry VIII, June 28, 1491, Greenwich — 28 January 1547, London) — the master of the UK with the April 22, 1509, the son and heir of King Henry the UK VII, the second British monarch of the Tudor dynasty. With the consent of the Roman Catholic Church, the British rulers were named as "Lords of Ireland," but in 1541, at the request of the Catholic Church excommunicated Henry VIII, the Irish parliament gave him the title "King Ireland ".

Series 1 — Prince

More than 500 years ago in Westminster Abbey coronation accomplished young man of eighteen, the new king of Great Britain. Then it will become one of the most notorious monarchs in history. And then the guy was thin, beautiful, elegant, gifted musically and poetically, sober, charming, had a good character and married for love …

Series 2 — Soldier

The young lord Henry VIII first wanted to become who never had his father — a perfect generous knight who will achieve undying fame for its feats of arms.

series 3 — fancy man

History Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn — one of the greatest love stories of catastrophic. This novel is transformed Henry from Krasovo, but commercial vehicles, has reached a sufficiently small, the king into a despot who changed civilization and left a profound mark on history.

Series 4 — Despot

In his later years, lord Henry VIII had the most constructive church reform in the history of British Christianity. But his faith in his youth was a very sincere and totally classic. What did shake the faith Henry Catholicism in common?

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