Started the production of the passport with the application of domestic chip

Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov took part in the official launch of the passport made using domestic chips. The event was held at the printing house "Goznak".

JSC "Mikron", Russia's largest producer of chips for smart cards, RFID and industrial electronics, part of industry holding RTI, and "Goznak" supplier of a wide range of unique print products and services, today announced that the passport Russian citizens from 2013 will be used chips produced domestically. In December 2012 the first Gosznak purchased 100,000 chips production of "Mikron", who currently are implanted in passports with electronic data carrier.

Domestic chip has a wide array of software engineering and protection, and has successfully passed the interdepartmental tests. The chip operates on contactless interface and a non-volatile memory with a guaranteed shelf life of 10 years of data. Chairman of the Board of Directors, "Micron" Gennady Y. KRASNIKOV, commenting on the supply of chips, noted that "the Russian microelectronics today has all the technology and manufacturing capabilities for key state projects in the field of new generation, such as a passport with an electronic data carrier, universal electronic card, identification cards and other citizens of Russia

"Micron chip production has passed all the necessary certification and testing of the FSB and the Interdepartmental Commission for testing forms passports with domestic chips. We expect that during 2013 the share of Russian foreign passports chip will be substantially increased, "- said General Director of FSUE" Goznak "Arkady Trachuk:

"Chip domestic production of the passport guarantees the security of personal data of our citizens, as the Russian manufacturer allows us to control all stages of production of chips and is responsible for the quality of products", — says the head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin O. Romodanovskiy.

For deliveries Goznak Zelenograd chips for passports talking about approximately 100 rubles. for the product. Thus only for the next year on this contract "Micron" will earn about 350 million rubles. It is known that the total revenue of all enterprises in 2011 amounted to $ 306.8 million

Prior to the relationship with the "Mikron" "Gosznak" used goods "Atlas maps' based chips NXP. In 2013, the total failure of the previous supplier is not going to happen, but if the order will be announced at the "Micron", the balance of power is no longer in favor of the "Atlas of cards."

The needs of the FMS in the chips for passports with biometric data recording capabilities are growing. In 2011 these products in Russia took a little less than 5 million in 2012 — already 5,478 million Saving growth Zelenograd chips are installed in more than half of the documents.

"Chip" Micron "won in open competition with imported counterparts, in terms of price / quality — believe in the" Micron ", adding that this is the first deliveries of the domestic production of chips for biometric passports.

Ambition "Micron" in the part of large public contracts are not limited to biometric passports. According to company CEO Gennady KRASNIKOV also Zelenograd manufacturer ready to supply chips for universal electronic cards (UEC, the main shareholder and the motor of the project is "Savings Bank") and the ID cards of citizens of Russia, who in 2015 plans to begin issuing FMS. "Technologically," Micron "is ready to produce in a year to 50 million chip modules for LDPE, UEC or identity" — say in the company.

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