Starting the Soyuz-2.1b with military satellite Person + addition to the description of the satellite

Carrier rocket with military satellite "Persona" launched from the 43rd site in Plesetsk 22.37 MSK Friday. The cost was held on Friday, a missile launch vehicle "Soyuz-2.1b" with the spacecraft for the Russian Defense Ministry is 10 billion rubles

+ Update the article with an explanation of what was started and why! Very interesting.


A few minutes after launch the missile has been taken to support the means of Main ispytatalnogo Space Center (GIKTS) named Titov. The adoption of the spacecraft is planned to operate at 00.13 microns within range of ground automated control.

"Department of the spacecraft from the third stage of the launch vehicle has passed normally. Satellite was put into orbit," — told the representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and information on troops Aerospace Defense Colonel Dmitry Zenin.

The cost was held on Friday, a missile launch vehicle "Soyuz-2.1b" with the spacecraft for the Russian Defense Ministry is 10 billion rubles, the deputy head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Shilov, after the successful launch of a military satellite from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

According to him, next to the Russian Defense Ministry is already in production and will be launched in either 2013 or early 2014.

"Either this year or next, such a machine would fly. The government gets the eyes and ears. Industry is taken to manufacture these devices on a regular basis, "- said the deputy head of the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Carrier rocket with military satellite was launched from the 43rd site in Plesetsk 22.37 MSK Friday. Launch of the target orbit successfully. Immediately after taking on the management of the spacecraft has been assigned a serial number "Kosmos-2486".

"Person"Russian military satellite optical reconnaissance third generation, designed to produce high resolution images and prompt transfer of the Earth by radio.

Platform SC "Person" is based on the "Resurs-DK."
Competition for the creation of a new satellite electro-optical reconnaissance "Person" of the Defense Ministry held in 2000.

+ a very interesting addition deployed.

With the Plesetsk cosmodrome on Friday launched a new military spacecraft. The satellite has an index number "Kosmos-2486". He launched into the target orbit on Saturday and taken to the management of the funds of the Space Command troops ASD. Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Shilov after the successful launch of the shared cost of the satellite to reporters: "I give a little secret, this launch is worth about 10 billion rubles." What kind of satellite is so expensive?

And it is a truly momentous event. In orbit electro-optical device (optical) exploration of a new generation of "Person". Its development was conducted from the beginning of the 2000s, the Samara Space Centre rocket-Progress Samara Space Center. The optical system is made to the Optical-Mechanical Association LOMO on the basis of five-foot telescope 17V321. It has the highest resolution — significantly less than one meter. For this indicator, the domestic space vehicle exceeds all European counterparts and is not inferior to the U.S..

Spacecraft "Person" is a development of satellites of "Terylene" (last run in 1990) and "Neman" (last run in 2000). It, as well as precursors receives digital images the surface, which are transmitted in real time via the relay satellite. Is a new element base, in particular, the optoelectronic photodetector fully home development (CCD optoelectronic processor with full digital path of accumulation and transfer of information).

No less significant is the difference between life and operation of the new system. The lifetime predecessors did not exceed one year. "Person" is made on the new platform "Resource-PPC" — a new unified framework, which can create a space for various purposes. Because of this, the period of active service "Person" shall be not less than 7 years, which is important for highly complex and very expensive space technology.

However, on Friday launched the "Cosmos-2486" — this is the second "Person". The first specimen of this device was launched in July 2008 ("Cosmos-2441), and in September became unmanageable. The cause of failure of the first "Persons" are components of the hardware components that are manufactured by foreign companies (including in one country "near abroad", we will not point a finger …).

To create a second "Persons" had to give up the economy, to create some of the components, the production of which has been lost, and do not use the "groundwork" for the remaining companies of the "near abroad." The first "Person" cost the country five billion rubles. And probably when Anatoly Shilov said the cost of the second (twice as high) — it meant just that. However, it should be noted that in the creation of such expensive equipment for the GRU savings on foreign components (albeit more recently their own) is more expensive in the end. The story of the first "person" proves the correctness of saying "miser pays twice." However, in the Samara Space Center Progress is being assembled another machine series "Person". Its launch is prepared at the end of this or early next year. These spacecraft — a really important part of the country's security, this vision of our armed forces. And more than keen eyesight.

This year will also be launched military satellite, a new generation of electronic intelligence. It, to continue the analogy with the human senses, should be attributed to acute hearing. This unit will be a series of "Lotus-C." It also would be a second in the series. But, in contrast to the "Persons", with the first "Lotus" is all right. It was launched in November 2009 (the "Kosmos-2455"), and is currently used to test the components of the new system of electronic reconnaissance and target designation. The second "Lotus" will be already full hardware provided by the project.

These satellites have replaced the Soviet apparatus has a series of "Celina-2", which were part of the same, a very perfect system, and produced so far on the Ukrainian factory "Pivdenmash." The old system still works quite well. However, precisely because of the dependence on foreign manufacturers, it was decided to establish a new strategic intelligence system, is already fully developed in Russia and manufacturing. Alas, in reliance on such issues though and friendly, but another state is unacceptable.

Also on July 23 plans to launch a communications satellite for military purposes "Meridian". This is also part of a very large and very ambitious — creating integrated satellite communications system of the new generation. Implementation of this program is also not without its setbacks. Two companion series "Meridian" were lost, and one can not work in the system, so as not able to get into the proper orbit. However, in July, will be running the seventh satellite "Meridian", and in the middle of August — the third series of "Raduga-1M". After that, a new military communications syste
m will be fully operational. In the future it will be possible only built up by the next generation of spacecraft.

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