Stocking ponds in the Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions

The lake Etkul soon be catching carp and grass carp. For the first time in a body of water released 12,000 fingerlings of these species. Did it in the first place to clean up the lake from algae and sediment, which feed on these fish.

Three-month fry purchased Yuzhnouralsk, ran into the pond from the central beach Etkul. Now the main thing — to give them to grow up, so local officials are asking fishermen in the next few years, do not use fishing rods, not networks and promise to create all the conditions for the fry. For example, in winter, to allow access of air to the surface of the reservoir will be specially drilled wells. Experts note that actively cleanse the lake fish will begin next summer. Then in the pond will start and silver carp fry.
In Oka Murom released 10,000 fingerlings starlet

Fry joined the valuable species of fish the river on August 12. Trehgrammovyh fish brought from Vadskogo district of Nizhny Novgorod region. Mass start in Murom was the first time in three years.


As the site of Murom city's television, 10 000 individuals starlet — it damages that are causing industry Oka. These include sand mining, pipeline installation and construction of bridges. Compensate for the harm caused to nature, they are required by law. Polluting the environment businesses transfer money to the account of sea farm, which then sends the fish grown in ponds.

According to statistics released from the Oka fry will survive a maximum of 7000. A "grow up" royal fish by the end of the year.

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