Strange stories from Hong Kong: the dead «gray» alien, a spider with a «human» face and the guy with luminous hands

Dead inoplanetyatnin created a sensation in the press in Hong Kong.

The so-called "gray" aliens have become part of human mythology and self-direction until the subculture. On the Internet it is dedicated to a lot of sites and articles, there is also a special article in Wikipedia. Some sources state that "gray" aliens are genetic experiments on human beings and create a "new" race-based human DNA and gray inoplanetyan.Takzhe says that they should supplant the human species on Earth to make the planet for hybrids.

Some researchers also argue that the gray associated with "global government" and for the fact that the aliens were allowed to live on earth, they transfer to the Government of different technologies, including military orientation.

That's what, in particular, shows the gray Wikipedia:

The first mention

In 1893, the British writer HG Wells, in his essay "Man million years," suggested that after thousands of years, humans have evolved into a race of skinny serokozhih beings with large heads. [2]
In 1965, the media published sensational reports of spouses, Betty and Barney Hill, the alleged "stolen" by aliens. The couple claimed that in 1961 they were on board the "flying saucer", manned gray aliens [citation Day 1121]. Betty Hill even drew a map, pointing to their home star newcomers. If we believe this card, the alien may be native to the Zeta Nets (Latin Reticuli), so gray is sometimes called "retikulyane") [citation needed 1121 day]. However, the data link newcomers with greyami controversial.

The close connection with the problem

Gray is usually included in the list of the kidnappers and the focus of ufology, with attributes that may differ from these. These attributes include the difference in height, some are described as small, opposite as high. [1] Kidnapped say they know the leader of their captors for his "behavior". "[1] Some ufologists and abduction researchers believe that high gray, with their greater authority and more complex mentality, may be living things, like people, while undersized are artificial life forms that act as servants. [1]
Some reports of the abduction were depicted variant color, such as blue-gray, gray-green or purple-gray and gray. The skin is usually described as extremely smooth, as if made of plastic material, such as rubber or plastic.

Kidnappings are often described as extremely traumatic, similar to ordinary kidnapping to sexual violence at the level of injury. (Studies have shown that the emotional trauma of abduction can be as great as in the attack by the bearing of beatings, sexual violence and other traumatic events). [3]

The eyes are often the focus of the abductees. They say that they do not move or focus their movement as if to hide from prying eyes. Stolen often describe how they looked in the eye during the mental processes. [1] Some say that exposure to hallucinogens they cause different emotions. [4] Although the stolen frequently told that the gray was just a few inches from their face during the procedures, they can not remember the breath or the accompanying expansion of the chest. [1]
Psychocultural expression of intelligence

Neurologist Dr. Steven Novella argues that the idea of a by-product of human imagination, one of the most distinctive features of Grays, they represent everything that modern humans traditionally associated with intelligence. "They do not just appear as humans, they appear as people with those traits that we are people psychologically associate with intelligence", big eyes, big heads, gray skin color, their calm politeness and curiosity. "[5]



Conspiracy theories

Some theorists believe that gray is a part of the government's strategy of misinformation people or that they are the product of government experiments, [6] mind control. [7] [8] Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project head of CSETI, and a prominent conspiracy theorist UFO claims to have more than 400 witnesses, "officials of the military intelligence community" who has evidence of the existence of aliens and UFOs, but are forced to remain silent because of pressure from the top, but if necessary, they would be ready to defend his affidavit. [9]
"Mother's hypothesis"

There is a view according to which the gray nothing but memories of his mother and the newborn probably first seen by humans, physicians, expressed this opinion Psychologist Frederick Malmstrom Air Force of the American Academy, who led the study, processed image with the mother of the baby, astigmatism, shallow focal plane lack of clarity and normal color perception and so on, the result is a portrait of the typical gray. [10]

Videos of "gray" from Hong Kong —


And in this video the other strange characters — a spider in his head and a face like a man's.

In this video from Hong Kong, the blue light suddenly appears out of the hands of a pedestrian who then runs away and disappears. At some point during the flight, it seems that the person falls under the wheels of a bus, but when the bus passes, he finds himself in another place, as in the mystical movies.

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