Strange thing (many episodes) watch online

Strange thing (many episodes) watch online
Documentary series "Strange" is dedicated to all the magical and mysterious is happening in our world. Each issue that affects or any other topic, shedding light on the mysterious phenomena occurring. Many of the topics covered are not new and have already long been a deep-rooted opinion about the reasons for their occurrence.

But the creators of "Strange things" try not to focus on the existing theories and versed in every question without the help of others. This allows them to look at the knitted facts already known and apply all of the material to the audience under the freshest, not bored angle.

Analyzing each of the topics, the creators listen to the different views of — psychologists, representatives of the church, esoteric, scientists, psychics and eyewitnesses of the incident. Viewers the opportunity to try without the help of others to understand the essence of this or other phenomenon, having heard all the "pros" and "cons."

A strange thing — a series of programs

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