Survila BNR Rada for tougher sanctions against the regime

Chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila, welcoming pashyrene to the EU list of banned individuals involved in political repression in Belarus, was in favor of tougher sanctions.

Survila: "What the EU has expanded the list of" banned "for another 19 involved in political repression, is welcome. However, while sanctions remain outside the so-called" middle ground "represivny machines — KGB investigators and prosecutors, the Interior Ministry, which is carried out almost daily searches in opposition activists, call them in for questioning, prepare the case to so-called the courts.

Therefore, the BNR Rada repeats the sentence, which we expressed immediately after the events of December 19: all the staff of the repressive machine — KGB and other intelligence agencies, prosecutors, courts, regardless of their positions, as well as their family members, must be denied entry into the European Union, the United States and Canada, in Turkey, Ukraine and Yagipet (the latter three countries — the rest of them and their families).

Along the way, BNR is seeking support from the West, civil society, and all those who struggle for freedom and independence of Belarus. This topic — the subject of conversations with members of the BNR politicians of the West. Yes, I have an exchange of views with the Prime Minister of Canada, members of the BNR discussed it with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the leaders of some European countries. We find understanding and we will continue our efforts. "

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