Svetlana Lebedko: I think my husband does not give evidence

News from the life of political prisoners. Anatoly Lebedko not give evidence, says wife Svetlana policy. Statkevich completes familiarization with the criminal case. Dmitry Bondarenko suffers from a disease of the joints. A former police officer Alexander Klaskouski "mentally prepared for a significant period."

UCP leader Anatoly Lebedko for the first time in three months visited by a lawyer. Politician's wife Svetlana said:

Looks tired, but kind of kept … As far as I know, no investigation with his participation is not

"It looks tired, but kind of kept. While the lawyer does not know when his deal, nothing definite can be said. As far as I know, no investigation with his participation is not conducted. Guess he did not give evidence, so long as it did not touch . Nothing more to add. "

The last letter is known that there is a resolution to hold him in custody until May 20. "And we'll see," — says Svetlana Lebedko.

March 24 the ex-presidential candidate Statkevich completes familiarization with the criminal case. This is with reference to a civil lawyer said politician's wife Marina Adamovich:

"Today, the lawyer went to him a third time, chances are they will already be complete familiarization with the case. Maybe write the desired application.'s One event taken away on dozens of cases that consider illegal."

Marina Adamovich also concerned that for almost a week is not getting letters from Statkevich. "It seems that the correspondence is adjusted, and again a big break," — said Marina Adamovich. In the early years of Statkevich for three weeks had no letters, but then found out that he sent the letter.

In the trial of an activist of the movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavidam the oral study the case was made public that appears in several photographs that iPad for trying to break into the Government House on December 19, for what strikes the door and invites others to these actions . Or is it Statkevich, the court did not hear.

The coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko told his family that he suffers from gout — a disease of the joints. Bondarenko asks for specific drugs. According to the prisoner, "American", a disease he could escalate due to large differences in day and night temperatures.

Former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva for questioning this week will not cause, said politician's wife Olga Neklyaeva. Mr. Nekljaev almost two months under house arrest. When the investigation is completed his criminal case is unknown.

He began his acquaintance with the materials of the criminal case former policeman Alexander Klaskouski, which is also accused of involvement in the riots, as well as conferring power. Father concluded, "American" and spoke about the health of her son:

son examined by a prison doctor and a kind of rib fractures, which we feared not found

"The letter, which came from the Attorney General, explains that the prison doctor examined her son and kind of rib fractures, which we feared not found. But it is not clear from the letter, how serious was the situation before. As for the future, it is evident from his letters that he was prepared for the worst developments. After all, "hung" on it as much as three articles have astsyaroga they want to make a show trial. in the sense that all people in uniform have seen what happens to anyone who will speak against the system. "

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