SWAT opens the door revolutions

SWAT "opens the door" revolutions

Hot in August 2011 will go down in history as the time of the next NATO operation against the independent state — is now Libya. In military operations NATO special forces were involved. In order to justify their own criminal actions on the ground of sovereign countries commando talk about them as about the heroic deeds committed in the name of liquidation "punitive Muammar Gaddafi" and foreign snipers, destroying the insurgent people of Libya.

So, for example, the Italian special forces, told the media disk imaging on one of the operations of NATO special forces, held in August 2011 on the ground of Tripoli. The reason for its implementation has served vserasprostranennaya western intelligence agencies reported that the Libyan army uses against inexperienced rebels highly professional snipers who do not give the insurgent people enter into the capital. In August Capital Libya underwent simultaneous attack NATO special forces from the sea, the town was bombarded residential areas of the Western coalition aircraft, and from the east to Tripoli broke gear and armed militants. This is specifically about their news agency read as as "inexperienced rebels."

Libyan armed forces remaining loyal to the government of the country, bravely fought with the attackers to defend every inch of ground.

In order to make a panic in the ranks of the defenders of the town, in Tripoli were secretly transferred the best hands of NATO. In the Italian squad consisted of commandos of the French Overseas Legion, an Englishman of the divisions of SAS and South American Marines. According to the 1st of the members of this group of snipers, an Italian special forces soldier, specifically their team dealt a decisive blow, which became a prerequisite for the overthrow of Gaddafi.

Noteworthy that the story of this laudable commando, it appears that a detachment of snipers began to take shape over a long period of time prior to the outbreak of hostilities in Libya. After transfer to the Libyan commandos terrain, snipers started to perform the task. They destroyed not only the Libyan army soldiers, government officials and security forces of protesters and opposition figures also taking to the streets with the requirements of the "democratic reforms." Saboteurs produced control the insurgency, organized the attack on the military stores, police stations and government buildings.

The commandos included in this terrorist group considered themselves to some "critical element" hidden tool that will change the course of the conflict in favor of the rebels and the North Atlantic coalition. They associated themselves with a gun, capable, like an atomic bomb in 1945, lead to want to win over the power of Gaddafi. In the subversive group included soldiers and elite units of the U.S., "seals" that participated in operations against the peaceful inhabitants of Afghanistan and Iraq. Off the coast of Libya at that time were South American ships, which had expected orders by four thousand "seals". The United States is trying to convince the international community that the U.S. military did not take any role in the Libyan rebellion. Although the evidence suggests that during the war were shot down by coalition helicopters with paratroopers on board and captured soldiers of NATO, the Western news agencies continue to stubbornly insist on their own non-intervention in the Libyan conflict.

U.S. officials is not taken into account action Special Forces Group, whose task was to make confusion and panic: snipers killed "us" and "them" that in the upcoming served in the media as atrocities "of the dictatorial regime of Gaddafi." Do not these men are now doing the job in Syria, where the "unknown command" bombarded the representatives of the Arab League, that impede their work for the peaceful settlement of the conflict. Who will follow? Maybe Tunisia or Egypt? These groups battle groups "critical elements", according to Western experts, are able to bring the situation to a "nuclear explosion" which kill the country. For the effective area of the country to sabotage the upcoming conflict thrown several such groups.

But back to Tripoli in August 2011. Military advisers who accompanied the coming of the rebels in the capital, realizing that met significant resistance to government forces, appealed for help to the Special Forces. Group Snipers Western coalition appeared in the location of the rebel troops. They had a professor equipment: machines of the latest generation Ar 15 with silencers, advanced sniper rifles, of which might be to fire at a distance of up to one thousand meters, special shoes and Something to Wear: body armor, with an additional degree of protection, comfortable pockets for ammunition, water tanks , medication located in different parts odezhki for more comfortable use.

The method of operation of this group of snipers can be seen in the following example. Imagine a peaceful demonstration, carried out under the control of armed policemen. Suddenly, a shot rang out and falls to the ground one of the demonstrators. People are in a panic rush to rassypnuju. At this point, falls, struck by a bullet, police. Employees of the security forces opened fire to kill. Dozens of people are killed on the streets of cities, and in this time some of the participants, so that instead assist the wounded, photographed and filmed on camera cell phones bloody execution. How many of these videos were posted on the Web in 2011? At what stage of development of the world's population own lost properties such as kindness, empathy, a desire to assist our neighbor? Meanwhile, commando who killed anything as innocent people, relaxed hides his rifle and goes to the bar for a drink, "the operation was successful."

Thus, performing a combat mission, snipers coalition won a comfortable position for firing the streets and squares of Tripoli. To do away with provocative attacks, saboteurs needed to kill the Libyan snipers. What they did with the introduction of electric means finding the enemy. The road to the rebels in Tripoli was opened. A group snipers moved to another area of the capital Libya to carry out a special operation near the fortified base of the government troops.

Furtive war intelligence agencies of the West has been going on for a long time: Since the moment when the '42 reverse the Libyan people chose for himself the people's government. Time, of course, everything in its place. Already at this point is informed of significant losses in coalition with the participation of military operations in the areas of Libya. Commendable and false stories favorites Change data actually tells of the struggle of the people against self-contained western invaders. And it is possible that over time the International criminal court judge.

In the meantime, the message comes from Tripoli about the death of another professor of Western mercenary.

But in any case, the people of Libya will be without the help of others to decide their fate. You first need to remove a public split in the country. The historical experience of many states that "forked house always dies."

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