SWAT Syria

SWAT Syria

The Syrian Arab Republic borders with Lebanon and Israel to the south is the border with Jordan, on the east by Iraq, on the north by Turkey. Complicated cases with neighbors, especially Israel, have led to the fact that in March 1956, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed a collective security against possible aggression of Israel.

For effective protection against external attacks in 1958 as a part of the Air Force Syria was formed first spetsnaz.

SWAT Syria

Then the composition of special forces has been increased to several battalions. Education instructors were from Russian Union. Fighters were taught strategies of fast and massive strikes, techniques assault units.

During the 60's made a huge number of special forces raids in the area of Israel, which attacked the transport convoys.

SWAT Syria

Special Forces soldiers have taken pro-active role in the Arab-Israeli conflict:

1964-1966 years. — There is an incident because of aqua resources between Israel and Syria;

1967 year — "Six Day War", in which a coalition of Arab countries, including Syria, were defeated by the Israeli army. As a result, Israel increment its area of 3.5 times;

1973 year — Syria, along with other Arab states began to "Yom Kippur War", and despite the successful first days of the conflict, ultimately the coalition failed to recapture the Golan Heights in Israel (to this day there is a dispute the ownership of the area);

1982 year — Israeli invasion of Lebanon and partly in Syria.

It is believed that particularly in the conduct of military operations in 1973 subdivision Special Forces performed the most famous operation: Special Forces soldiers were airlifted to the terrain and the enemy eventually captured the brutal melee's intelligence and command and control point located on Mount Hermon. As a result of this operation has been broken into a number of days managing portions of the Israeli army in the Golan Heights. Israelis only after a number of days managed to recover for himself these heights.

SWAT Syria

During the intervention of Syria on Lebanon area of special forces soldiers involved in the fighting, fighting for the first time with a new enemy — the Palestinians.

Syrian special forces in an attack on Libya Israeli army in 1982, worked extensively in the rear of the Israelites. However, they have killed a lot more tanks than the Libyan armed forces in direct engagements with the enemy.

SWAT Syria

In the same 1982 special forces took part in the capture of the town of Nahal where the revolt against the government. As a result, the city was destroyed, killing 10 of thousands of peaceful inhabitants.

Syrian troops special purpose armored brigade covered the retreat of Israelis in an attack on Lebanon in 1982. They organized a huge number of ambushes on military convoys path of the Israeli army, which considerably slowed its progress. Additionally, a few organizing and mobile teams, who, using the hilly terrain, snare mechanized units of the enemy, made one of their helicopter gunships.

SWAT Syria

In 1991, the U.S. carried out the operation against Iraq invaded Kuwait. Since there was a possibility that Iraq could trigger another Arab war, riot Syria was in constant combat readiness, but did not take a specific role in combat.

At the current time, and eighteen regiments of the division for special purposes, including counter-terrorist team. Most of the soldiers of these units previously served in Lebanon. As a part of Special Forces units are included, the last airborne training.

SWAT Syria

Units such as the "Al-Vaadat al-Qassam Brigades" and defense company, formed only of the men, fanatically loyal government.
Training mid-level officer corps is a military institutes in accordance with the branches of the military. The highest governing the army trained in military academies Syria, academies of other countries, including Russia and Turkey.

The fact that the management of the country pays great attention to the formation commanders of the Special Forces mission, confirms the need for government to ensure the loyalty of elite units themselves the Syrian army.

Highly trained and loyal to the government Syrian military units were mainstay of power not only in the reflection of external danger, and to maintain order in the state.

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