T38 short-range air defense system, stilettos


Autonomous mobileSAM T38 "stilettos"intended for the defense of Army units, industrial and military installations from attacks of all types of current and future air threats, flying at extremely small, small and medium-altitude radar cross section of 0.03 m? or more.

The complex

The compositionSAM T38 "stilettos"includes military and technical means.

The composition of combat means:

  • fighting machine (BM) T381;
  • anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) T382.

The hardware:

  • transport and loading vehicle (TLV) T383;
  • Plumbing machine (IOM) T384;
  • Machine maintenance (MTO) T385;
  • automated control and test mobile station (AKIPS) T386;
  • ground equipment (CCW) T387.
  • TTH:
    The maximum slant range of 20 km against targets
    Height defeat 0.025 — 10 km
    Maximum course setting targeted goals 10 km
    Maximum speed of the purposes of 900 m / s
    The probability of hitting a target SAM 0.90
    Minimum EOC detected targets 0.03m ²
    The clotting time / deploy 5 min
    The total period of operation of SAM 25 years


  • rocketT382

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