Talitskii phenomenon

Once the mail brought an interesting message. Along with fresh sighting sverdlovchanka Taisa Minchenko told about the meeting with the glowing ball back in the seventies of the last century in the streets Posad. Rummaging in his diaries of that time, I discovered that we with her in the same time saw the same bizarre object that moved slowly from south to north.

This July Sabbath clearly stored in its memory. The sky was beautifully clear and transparent blue. Everyone who was in the yard of our house — and at that time I was living on the street Seraphim Deryabina — curiously watched the unusual celestial body. As Taisa V. wrote in her letter, "the ball as it proceeded barely visible rays, and felt a tingling of face and hands." However, then I had that feeling was not there.

Here is another interesting event. About him on the heels of a July 1991 written Tagil gardener Paul Maximov. Late in the evening he and his wife Galina came to a collective garden, two kilometers from the railway station Anatolevskaya under Nizhny Tagil. The couple barely had time to come to his house, as the east side of the ridge suddenly appeared brightly glowing object and began priolizhatsya to the garden. It emits rays in a fluffy tail. A few moments more, and UFOs — and in this, Paul did not doubt, because he had seen similar before, when he served a border guard on the Soviet-Finnish border — froze. His tail was gone, but he ballooned the ball almost doubled and became bluish. Then he pulled out a thin dark-green light, which, as it ran into a television relay tower, which rises to the top of the mountain Gurshevyh. "Amazingly beautiful picture in complete silence of the night in front of our eyes was about five minutes. Suddenly green light disappeared in the darkness of night and UFOs, rapidly gaining altitude quickly disappeared over the ridge," — the impression left by what he saw at Maximov.

"Looks like the ship intruders decided to recharge your batteries" — a summary of Paul did Maksimov at the end of your message.

After another speech on the radio, I received a letter from Mikhail Yakovlevich Malyshkina Zavialovo Talitsky village of the district. "Today in the summer, hundreds of people attended a UFO landing near our village — he wrote. — The first country tracks in a barley field, discovered August morning in 1990 combine. This is three kilometers from our village and 500 meters from the path-Zavialovo Irbit."

Mikhail Y. tried and even sent a description of the landing chuzheplanetnogo ship. According to the scheme drawn by them, it was no doubt that embarked UFO — a real physical body. True, it was not clear why the field by four tracks. Usually their is only three: one corresponds to the phase braking when approaching the second means a landing, and the third is the result of the rapid freezing before departure. This is the classic example, stated repeatedly ufologists. These three tracks, ranging evenly, always fit into an equilateral triangle. Typically, the diameter of the central spot of about 3 meters. Around him are the two rings width of 40-60 cm

In this atypical case — Talitsky — traces lined up in a row and stretched almost 130 meters. Diameter spot in the center — 6 meters. Three spots, and it is less central to two meters. Around each one wide ring — dent. Lines from the letter: "What should be the weight of the object to leave a circular dent depth of 20 cm, while the next car" ZIL-130 ", loaded with bread, is only 3 cm, and the traces of wheels combine in this field difficult to see .

At the landing grains were dented. And not faded, color plants has not changed. Even in the center of the six-meter circle barley stood on the vine. We immediately see that there were not working engine warm-up. When boarding facility, apparently swayed, as seen by battened outer edges of the earth. "

Next letter writer wrote that around the outside perimeter of deepening visible imprints in the form of shoes. They are separated by a distance of 20 cm from all four tracks landing "flying saucer." Next to them, formed a fresh hole in the keyway length of 1.5 m, a depth of 30 cm and a width of 8 cm "Surely soil sample was taken," — concludes Tcherniakov.

This letter was received, unfortunately, very late, in December. Was already deep winter. In addition to the many onlookers are not completely crushed grain field, grain farmers plowing landing plows. Sorry, so wanted to capture on film the landing, now would be a unique unforgettable footage.

This is a disturbing letter to the schemes I have kept carefully and did not try to publish in the press. The fact that I'm always waiting for the second similar case UFO landing in the Urals. While no such visit. It turns out Talitskii phenomenon — is a phenomenon! What he valued.

Marlies Rafikov, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, UFO enthusiasts.

"I would have gladly aliens asked why they do not appear in the world officially why they are without our permission, we partisans?" (From a letter to Yuri Pavlov, Ekaterinburg)

Bold statement, is not it? The answer to this question might sound like this: "We can not yet answer the two main questions of ufology: where there are UFOs and that they we do, and may be lawfully put the question another way: what do we have them?"

The author of these words — the famous ufologist Vladimir Azhazha, dedicated years of research, study and interpretation of one of the mysterious phenomena of life — a UFO.

Amazing spectacle

I watched on TV a very interesting concert, which lasted into the night. Somewhere in the beginning of the second caught my attention unusual light outside the window. Curiosity made me look out: not very high — and I live on the fifth floor — move smoothly, more accurately, quickly sailed eastward silver object. The picture was very clear. And it's very beautiful. I called my sister and said, "in front of your windows UFOs." A few minutes later she called me back and thank her family is all very clear view. Amazing spectacle. I am still under the influence of what he saw.

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