TECHNOLOGY mind reading — future or present?

Alexandrian doctor for two millennia before our time almost the first to seriously expose the human brain and made the first step towards opening its Enigma: The brain perceives and keeps memories of bodies emotions. Since that time, much has been made of these steps, many generations of different research schools, but the solution of Enigma human brain does not approached. The problem is that the human brain specifically been laid across the boundary between personal and impartial.

How to recognize the content of the brain researcher, if it is «clear» only personally? Is it possible to arrange for the brain direct channel of communication with the microprocessor, in other words to connect directly to its information channels? In the near future, researchers use new technological advances in order to try to «eavesdrop» and decrypt the control commands of the brain to the muscles still only at the stage of their formation and thus makarom start a dialogue with the brain at the level of exchange of information flows.

If a successful connection could be, for example, to redirect the internal team brain, bypassing the nerves and muscles, directly to the external actuators! Would be likely, for example, some mental effort, without nerves and muscle reap digging control panels. Conversely, information about the external event that has no equivalent sensor, in other words, neither the light nor the ear or nose, etc., and, for example, some characteristics of process speed, efficiency — pass directly into the brain information channels.

Maybe some brain processes information efficiently will decide on outdoor electric co-processors, with the issuance of the result back to the information channels of the brain!? In the end, will not come a time when all the information content of the brain can be ported to the external microprocessor and thus makarom virtually emulate human personality?

There are purely medical and bio nuances in this unfolding worldwide race of technology to connect to the brain. The human body is short-lived, one or the other body breaks down, and now right at the present time millions of people live by vsepolnotsenno inserted into their body prostheses on dental implants and artificial joints until not so long ago completed version of the prosthesis is in the heart and prosthetic kidney development. In the limit can get a full body prosthesis. Maybe there will be a natural brain connect to this prosthesis body? But this is also the problem of extending the life of the brain itself, if it can not exist without a body!

In short, the problem of information direct contact with the brain extends from purely cognitive interest brain researchers to specific applications in robotics and medicine, and to the philosophical questions about where the man ends and begins bot …

Lecture: «Maybe I connect to the human brain?» held on Wednesday, April 9, at 19:30, the venue — place DI Telegraph (Tverskaya, 7). Details on the page «popular lectures.»

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