Ten of superstitions from around the world

Superstitions, omens, bad signs, it is full of every nation on our large and wealthy people on the planet. Maybe their story comes from a culture that was in the distant past, and is nothing more than a relic, and can be really show signs of what may happen in the near future. But if this is true, then why is the same superstition in different countries is treated differently?

1. Here, for example a sign of a broken cup We, in Russia and in Iceland has the same meaning, but different interpretations of the consequences. It is believed that cracked dishes, including a cup, has accumulated to do too much negative energy surrounding atmosphere, hence the crack. The same applies to torn socks. In Russia and Ukraine, who had been drinking, or having eaten a dish of man necessarily sick. In Iceland, as in spoiled so the service can not only drink for pregnant women. According to their beliefs, the child will be born with a cleft lip.

2. The Chinese are desperately afraid of the number 4 and all related gifts, or buy very hurt local residents. The fact that this figure is very close in pronunciation to the word "death."

3. Black Cat, Russian man who joined the road clearly bring him trouble, knows every child in our country. But in England it is a good sign. Residents of "Albion" give these animals to each other in pictures and in-kind to say so in the form of happiness.

4. Strange in our opinion is a sign of Greeks. For good luck, they are in the pocket bone bat. But at the same time, killed for the same bones bat villain will bring great misfortune.

5. Broom, as a very useful item exists, or existed well with all people, because the signs associated with this "magic" attribute exist in many countries. Most of them are diametrically opposed to each other. For example the Chinese believe that it is, broom — a living being has a soul and therefore need to treat it carefully and even with respect. But someone beat her at all impossible.

6. Mirror. Well, it's complicated at all. Broken Mirror — unfortunately the Slavs and a great many people. His halt if the house is a dead man, but the Japanese did this every night even if it is in the bedroom.

7. The Chinese do not cut their nails after midnight. They are terribly afraid to call the spirits of the dead in the afterlife.

8. Japanese NEVER photographed threesome. They believe that man, half-overtake doom.

9. A bird has flown into the apartment perceived in each country in different ways, and most often it is a happy sign. For the Italians as it is one of the most terrible omens.

10. And finally for us. Stepped in shit — to money, dropped fork, knife, or something — wait for guests, God forbid, sit on the corner of the table — will be without an apartment, knocked on the table, spit three times a neighbor to the left …

In general, all good. Common sense to you all! I knock on the table, so as not to jinx it


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