That is unsuitable for prison food?

Society "Compared to what you are deprived of freedom, such a question as prison food may seem a trifle. But if you know the case inside, over this little thing you can see, perhaps, all the vices of the Belarusian prison system: corruption, violence, deliberate damage to the health of prisoners, the humiliation of their human dignity on racial, sexual, religious or other affiliation "- so wrote a letter to the" Freedom "berastseets Gennady, who was recently released from prison Ivatsevichy.

In his Gennady your correspondence tells about the problems of his former fellow inmates who brought the prison gruel.

"Seeking for the fact that he refused to eat for religious beliefs"

38-year-old berastseets Gennady tells the story of his former friend on the squad — 43-year-old Turkish citizen Erol Bashoza. In 2007 Bashoz was sentenced to four years in prison for smuggling. Had a chance to break free on parole last year, not to its principled position on the power supply in the prison canteen. As is known, the Qur'an forbids believers to eat pork. Despite the fact that the meat in the diet is almost no prisoners, chefs still added to soups yes porridge cooked bacon with rind. For the rejection of this food Erol Bashoza punished with solitary confinement, he was not allowed to meet with representatives of the Turkish embassy and consulates, with lawyers and family. He also denied the right to receive letters and parcels, and a sum of money, which you can buy at the prison shop, it was reduced from 140 000 to 35. By the prison administration to the sound of the prisoner abuse. One of the leaders of the colony told him, "I hate all Muslims."

Dining in jail, in prison and correctional facilities does not meet the standards that have been approved by the Board of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. Real control over the quality and quantity of food is not

"Even heavy prison food poisoning is not considered a disease"

According to a former prisoner Ivatsevichy colony, where, incidentally, is serving a sentence Autukhovich, various threats concerning penalties in connection with the refusal of food sounded to the Vaukavysk entrepreneur. Political prisoner refused to go to the prison canteen and called there the food injurious to health and life.

Timothy Dranchuk

Meanwhile, according to a former political prisoner Tim Dranchuk, sitting in jail on Volodarka and in Minsk colony, sick of prison food can be simple.

"Everything is made from products that are. This rotten potatoes, carrots and an old, long overdue, so to speak, meat or fish. Calling it not bring food. Poisonings — elementary. If you keep in mind some kind of medical help, even severe poisoning prison food is not considered a disease. "

"It is better to starve than such food" — says one of the Belarusian prisoner of colonies Anton. This 35-year-old man gets himself food in the prison shop.

"Why such a high price for low-quality products in the prison shop?"

In the words of Anton's shop in his colony "serves thousands of prisoners. Whole trick is that the cash register is not here. Prices for goods such that only allows fantasy merchants. Quality of many products is extremely low."

Anton: "Prisoners have repeatedly raised questions about the sale in the shop colony substandard, expired products. When I wanted to get one convict a large piece of bacon, which smelled of herring. Not changed and did not return the money. Last summer, the prisoners were surprised the quality of tomatoes, cucumbers and apples. They were subsistence species. had the impression that the staff carry it into the store with their own vegetable gardens. Prices for these products are off scale. example, a kilo of tomatoes cost 5500-5700. In the letter I asked the family how much cost an average of tomatoes. They said that the best and the most expensive are at large from 2800 to 4000. Where such prices? '.

The mother of the prisoner: "They really hungry"

Says Tamara, mother convicted of a fight 18-year-old young man who is serving a sentence in Mogilev, if a young person does not support the product outside, in his communication with the feeling of hunger can be a variety of problems. One day, he would just take someone's sweet, but for a theft and it can "delete".

Tamara: "Those who do not help out at home, survive in such conditions is very difficult. Young man can become a" creeping things ", he will greatly depressed from it do not understand anyone.'m Really very hungry. They are such evil."

Levaneuski: "The main reason — the corruption"

Valery Levaneuski in prison

Experienced political prisoner, founder of the website "The Zone" Valery Levaneuski calls the main reason for this situation — corruption.

As he writes in the pages of the site, according to the official rules of supply should give prisoners a day: 500 grams of potatoes, 250 grams of vegetables, 100 grams of cereals, 70 grams of fish, 70 grams of meat and a lot more, but it all "goes" on the road to camera, although the state budget money spent on these products.

Really inmates receive 200 grams of water in which float 20-30 grams of whole grains, usually sliced or other cheap varieties. This is a mess. Rice or buckwheat author of two years in prison is not seen even once. As the soup gets 500 grams of water, which is floating 20 grams of potatoes and some sauerkraut. Instead of the 70 grams of fish a day, "cons" are produced, at best, a couple of grams of bones from fish heads and tails, and meat (also due to 70 grams), many do not see at all. Dining in jail, in prison and correctional facilities does not meet the standards that have been approved by the Board of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. Real control over the quality and quantity of food available ".

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