The aliens are not silent

Many people wonder how to communicate with each other aliens, anyone heard of it, how it sounds, is it possible to learn their language, are there at least some written sources, which can be judged on the language of those with whom the alleged contact many earthlings. Questions, you see, is quite natural. However, the information in this respect remarkably little. One of the rare evidence of communication (or rather, attempts to communicate) is derived from our compatriot.

"His head was large relative to the body, like a small child: spherical top and tapering down. The eyes were large, long, "horse", that is completely dark. Nose-bridge of the nose with a hollow inside-out and significantly nostrils. Mouth long, lipless. Complexion — gray-green .. . Creature looked at me 5-10 seconds, then tilted and humanly bent right arm outstretched, palm up, began to speak, making it easy up-and-down, as if trying this to help me understand what he is about speech. Being a monotonous voice, a soft, dry, the only sound was published — a cross between "e" and "e" sound of this, either a short or a little more than a prolonged, fed in series, consisting of a combination of sounds of varying length, and these "words" separated from one another by small gaps. Lip being I had not noticed. Overall, it was very much like Morse code. "

So in a Russian newspaper described his communication with the alien Alexander Sokolov I honestly priznaetsya1 "This I do not understand it." The little creature, moving closer, trying to say something again, and accompanied his speech right ruki.I jiggle when the young man was already remove the creature away from him, "it fell silent." Dialogue has not taken place.

And if he could take place, this dialogue? We were able to understand written or oral 1rech aliens, if personal, direct contact, which we have so much to dream, still held? Apparently, yes, if the aliens spoke our language (as, incidentally, it happens, according to contactees). And if on your own? ..

There are other examples. Near Volgograd, for example, lives Zabelin, who also heard something like that, sitting by the lake fishing. He, however, one is not seen as a monologue that sounded in his head, took it as a kind of rhythmic monotone melody: a succession of repetitive sounds of the same type and record it as a "metallic", each lasting about five seconds, with a gradual decay. And as he did so many times. And then one day a voice in his brain completely in Russian said: "The experiment is over," but only those two words. What a zksperiment and who spent over it, Gennady not know until now. But since then, for the past three years, with it all sorts of miracles happened. And high blood pressure returned to normal by itself — it's 172-year! And metal objects began to stick to the body and the engine of any vehicle it can drown away. Maybe he was prepared for this and the mysterious invisible?

American Nancy Lieder, which, according to her, talking to strangers all the time, too, mentions that at times they seem to "chirp" But not all and not always. And mostly the so-called "Zetas" ("gray") talk to each other on a telepathic level, but at all the aliens are different, but the chirping stunted, and even then, the cat-food actively discussing something. Understand whether it is chirping? No With her, if necessary, communicate with the aliens at telepathy, and in time for the sake of her brain exposed some surgical procedures. Since then, she can get in touch with them anywhere, anytime.

Did not have time, here and there, there were reports that someone, somewhere, saw the writing aliens. In our era, it all started with Rosuelge (USA), where in 1947, allegedly crashed flying saucer. Eyewitnesses later claimed that on the fragments of light silvery metal UFOs were seen strange characters. Often speak about the brief inscription on board the UFO — apparently this is the license plate of a kind of symbol of identification. Sometimes witnesses memory reproduce these icons, but no one knows their value. And it's weird. Why?

Because, for example, that, according to one version of unsettled, writing brought to us as a finished product that they, the aliens, when planted and genetically created on earth different species. In support given, for example, signs and symbols found on the monuments of the Mayan culture, or the famous Sumerian tablets — the mysterious civilization that appeared on our planet as if from nowhere, and initially had enormous knowledge, including in the field of astronomy. Hence, languages alien to be closely related to how our earthly language. But apparently, not all, even if this version is correct.

In this sense, curious to look at the huge amount of information obtained by the so-called contactees psychography. The aliens allegedly passed information about the different planets in contact with our civilization, and humans draw and write automatically, not always understanding the essence of "dictation" and sometimes not knowing what you get: hand writing drives with an unknown force. In particular, the collection of such "messages" for a long time already: engaged American ufologist Richard Ross, who was particularly interested in direct contact with the aliens humans. He managed to create a large collection of texts and drawings, many of which have remained undeciphered.

Since Soviet times in our country, too! accumulated a lot of information about these cryptograms. Texts that are using automatic writing, contain sometimes very exotic writing, the meaning of which is not clear not only by the writing, but they can not identify the strange with any known language.

Images of distant planets, galaxies, strange description, aliens and their flying machines can be seen today on the Internet. Frankly, I thoroughly rummaged in all this outlandish information. And every time you wonder: are the same in fact, all this in such detail given to us by aliens?

Many messages remain a mystery. Sometimes they can commemorate the ancient pictographic, sometimes — cuneiform characters, but there are quite eamyslovatye icons and symbols, not similar to any of the languages of the earth.

The Internet is an illustration and description of the many dozens of different planets. Reported number of galaxies, the number and type of the planet, its name, the main characteristics. In addition, it is said that the information obtained by "automatic writing", able to benefit not only humans, but also tyane visiting Earth: because they do not understand the existence of civilizations in other galaxies.

But how can sound so strange languages, even if read them, Rowan — for us the problem? Some idea of the beginning of this story gives Sokolov. A log Anomalist appeared once quite interesting work, Peter Park "cosmic language". This is an artificially created aliens universal language, which is known as eyui, which translated supposedly means "language of outer space." In the United States since the 1960s it strongly promoted as "the language of love and peace" Austrian by birth, now living in Iowa psychiatrist John Vaylgart, who claims that as a child studied the language with little green-humanoid extraterrestrials. Humanoid allegedly told Vaylgartu that eyui — truly vselenoky language to communicate with all intelligent beings of different planets all space. This logically verified and rational language that eliminates God from irrational folk models

About Vaylgarte and preached to them! ke eyui wrote, in particular, the famous UFO pulyarizator Brad Steiger, and then he Vaylgart published several books. No one, of course, can not prove or disprove whether Vaylgart communicated with cosmic being, but the very nature of language is a kind eyui argument in favor of his unearthly origin. According to Peter Park, such language could create a creature from another biology, other psychologists, other evolutionary past. Eyui may well be the language of robots, devoid of any emotion. It is not hard to imagine that at this or similar language can communicate passionless "gray" aliens who have repeatedly described the victims of alien abduction. According to P. Park, it is the language eyui surgeon "gray" could refer to his assistants with phrases such as "Bring me a tip for the removal of the egg," "Bring the device to implant" or "adjust suction to collect the sperm." Or he might say something like, "Bring out the baby incubator hybrid № 387 and show it to the patient, must be provided, emotional connection."

This is a specific, unambiguous language. Eyui on each vowel or consonant sound — is a basic element of the language, which means some concrete idea, though always — just her and nothing else, but because the word can be translated only by analyzing the components of its basic elements. Interpretation, for example, the word "man" looks like a co-active-man "," wife "-" co-inactive-personality ", etc.

What did tell us aliens? First of all, that are other galaxies and planets. Judging from the pictures and descriptions of many of the planets are more or less similar to our Earth in the sense that they have continents, oceans and seas, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities. Some celestial bodies said, however, that they are composed of antimatter. On a map of each planet designated launch sites for the landing of interplanetary craft. There is a planet inhabited by tall and like the inhabitants of humans, other living dwarfs or strange animal-like creatures resembling lions, penguins, owls, cats, dogs or wolves, reptiles, insects, strange, if not hell-devil

Sometimes, looking at these horrible "Faces", it's hard to believe that we face — representatives of more advanced civilizations than ours, and that they have access to such technical possibilities, of which we only dream of — teleportation, the transition from one space-time more …

There are, of course, and quite nice (from our point of view) the aliens, who looked very similar to humans. Some of us seem to be exceptionally beautiful, physically perfect, if not angelic.

If we believe the contactees, then, for example, on a planet called Unvaltika live tall above two meters individual. Thanks to highly advanced technology Unvaltiki residents can enjoy all the next space civilizations. Communicate with each other telepathically. Here there is complete agreement, wars do not happen. And the inhabitants moved Vurine way teleportation. Antigra cavitation-I used them for flights in the near and in deep space. Is [space bases and huge hangars and them spaceships.

In intergalactic community division of labor exists. For example, "mnogoprostranstvennaya" planet in the constellation of the Pleiades has a special place in the development of art. Arrive here aesthetically gifted people from other celestial bodies. Get here wide range of humanitarian education, they will then contribute to the development of galactic art at home. Robots for the galactic community developed on an artificial planet Alamku. That robots make it completely self-sufficient. There are a lot of tunnels used for air transport, all aircraft are based on antigravitatsii.Ekosistemy iskusstvenno.Est controlled experimental types of animals and insects — biological and mechanical.! Base for alien ships landing never empty: hence all around the universe exported robots.

Akai planet in the constellation Andromeda called planet implementations and implementers. It is designed to control the reincarnation of species. Here, in particular, there are favorable conditions for the breeding of various plants commissioned by the inhabitants of other planets. Energy!

Akaytsy taken directly from the "universal source". Or communicate telepathically, or the language of the envoys of other civilizations.

As required in the interplanetary space are artificially created and intergalactic station. Their diameter can vary from two kilos ometrov to the size of a giant star. At these stations, usually! way to travel — teleportation. These plants can take off and horizontally and vertically. Thus, the planet 32 — station is interdimensional crystalline metal. There are more than three billion people, with a population of computer-Lect of other planets. The inhabitants are occupied mainly by the fact that on the basis of the five most powerful reactors produce and process various kinds of energies.

In short, read this "alien message" as an intriguing adventure literature. And we can assume that if we were able to understand all the strange letters sent by psychography outside, we would probably recognize many more interesting things. At the very least, it would give food for thought, and perhaps also for new inventions. However, most scientists do not take seriously the idea of interplanetary communication and, presumably, will not waste your precious time to decipher the mysterious symbols and signs. But it would be interesting to find out what is behind all of these "letters", an attempt to reach out to us, or just someone's sophisticated hoax? ..

No less strange aliens and send messages contactees that communicate telepathically. Tell all these "mismatched" message is simply impossible, and hardly worth it. Sometimes it's just gibberish or strange religious "sermons", strange philosophical ideas. But often there are desperate calls! to our mind, warnings of environmental catastrophe. In this context, there are also very persistent with hints of ability to obtain all material goods in the first place — the energy, completely different way than we do today, that is, without destroying the environment and not spending in such an insane amount of natural resources. I have seen on the internet a lot of space projects, supposedly sent by aliens. There interstellar TV, an interplanetary telephone, and all sorts of anti-gravity system. But it is — a separate, large conversation. And send us a warning about the "end of the world." But this is not new. And it all, I think, tired to be afraid.

But the most amazing in this story with the messages "brothers on reason" is that contacts panthers continue to receive messages, and scientists continue to send encrypted signals into space, trying to catch his daunting coveted response equipment, and still argue, there is at least somewhere in the universe mind.

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