The amount of pollution in the bay Poseta Primorye has almost doubled

 Maritime scientists over the past five years have recorded almost double increase pollution of the Gulf Poset bordering the only Russian Far Eastern Marine Reserve, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Head of the Laboratory of Ecology and Toxicology, Pacific Research Fisheries Centre (TINRO — Center) Michael Simokon.

"Since 2008, there is a tendency to an increase in the degree of water pollution Gulf Posiet. At mid-2012, the volume of waste water in the bay was more than a million tons a year, which is 267,000 tons more than in 2008. This amount of pollutants in the wastewater to the beginning of 2012 amounted to more than 840 tons per year, whereas in 2008 this figure was 570 tons, "- said the source. He explained that the more recent data on the contamination of the end of 2012 — beginning of 2013 will only be ready by the summer.

The scientist said that the growth of the degree of water pollution due to the fact that 98% of the waste water discharged into the sea by local enterprises are not subject to pre-treatment. The main source of pollution — is domestic wastewater, wastewater and municipal sewage discharge of water utilities.

"Scientists have identified more than 20 types of pollutants in waste water. Predominant organic elements — waste water drain. A small part is composed of heavy metals, oil and pesticides, they have a negative impact on the ecological state of the Bay" — said the source.

He stressed that a large number of bioelements leads to deficiency of oxygen in the water, respectively, and a massive loss of marine life. Also fall into the water bioelements has a secondary effect — marine organisms make unviable offspring, which eventually leads to a decrease in population.

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