The asteroid will fly close to Earth on Wednesday evening

The asteroid will fly close to Earth on Wednesday eveningSecond week asteroid fly near the Earth — after the object 2011 CQ1, razminuvshimsya Friday with the planet at a distance of thousands of kilometers of 5.48, on Wednesday a five-meter fly past Earth asteroid 2011 CA7, reports NASA.
A celestial body, discovered on Monday, is an asteroid the size of 2.3 to 5.1 meters. On Wednesday at 17:30 GMT (20:30 MSK), he will fly near the Earth with a relative speed of 9.6 km / s at a distance of 29.1 thousand kilometers. This is below the orbits of geostationary satellites, which are at an altitude of about 36,000 kilometers.
To the naked eye this asteroid can not be seen — it shine reach only 17th magnitude (without a telescope, you can see only the stars brighter than 6th magnitude).
On Friday, the asteroid 2011 CQ1, the amount of which was estimated at about 1 meter, flying past the Earth at a distance of 0.85 of its radius, and change its orbit by 60 degrees.
As a result, the family moved from the asteroid Apollo (to it belong to an object whose orbit lies mostly outside the Earth) in the family of the Aten (asteroids whose orbits are inside the Earth's orbit).
Astronomers say that on average, every few weeks, one meter asteroid invades the Earth's atmosphere and burn it completely, forming a fireball.

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