The Attorney General wrote to Alexander Klaskouski

The Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich responded to the open letter to the father of Alexander the Klaskouski, who was arrested in the case on December 19.

Alexander's letter Klaskouski Sr. was published March 11 in the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". It well-known journalist and political scientist demanded to ensure compliance with the son of his legal rights: the normal correspondence, to meet with close relatives, one-on-one with an attorney.

March 15 lawyer Irina Burak received their first opportunity to meet one-on-one with their clients, and the father was arrested on March 22 received a response from Vasilevich, dated March 18, BelaPAN.

The letter states that in the course of the audit concluded Alexander Klaskouski 'complaints about the conditions of detention and order in the KGB detention center Republic of Belarus, as well as the actions of the state security was not followed. " Pavol Vasiljevic, send and receive telegrams and letters is carried out in accordance with the law.

"The health Klaskouski AA satisfactory medical attention he treated only once. After visiting the doctor he was given adequate health care, more on the state of health, he was not complaining. During the first examination the doctor fractures, including ribs, your son has not been established. Rights complaints Klaskouski AA to receive legal assistance to the Prosecutor General Republic of Belarus from him and his lawyer did not receive, "- says Vasilevich.

Vasiljevic said that to the chairman of the KGB sent a letter "on the Discovery of additional features to ensure the rights of persons held in remand prison of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus for the defense." He recalled that the lawyer met with Burak Klaskouski March 15 in the KGB detention center.

To solve the problem on a date with her son, Vasilevich invite the author of the open letter "contact to the head against the Minsk police Sukala AM, in the production of which is case. "

"The answer Grigory Vasilevich fast, but largely formal, — said BelaPAN Klaskouski senior. — It is noted for example that the correspondence is carried out in accordance with the laws and internal regulations. However, there is no simple answer to the question: where did the mass e-mails sent to his son — from me, from our families and from what I know of many people who have written words of encouragement? ".

Klaskouski also said that his son and lawyer are now familiar with the case.

March 17 Klaskouski Jr., who was formerly a police officer, was charged under articles 1 and 2 of Article 293 (organization and participation in mass disorders), article 369 (insulting a government official) and Article 382 (unauthorized conferment of power or official) Criminal Code.

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