The author of «horror» in the thrall of the aliens

The victims of alien abductions are usually the most simple people who, at times, it is difficult to elaborate in detail about what happened to them. That's why the case where a prisoner of aliens was the author of popular "horror", so interested in UFO. The researchers hoped to gain from the writer the most detailed and realistic description of his adventures. The results exceeded all expectations: the abduction on communicating with strangers wrote three new novels …

When the news that the famous author of horror stories of Whitley Strieber was the victim of alien abductions and medical experiments, is widespread, many gloated: finally the share book creator nightmares perepala least some of the horrors that he treated the others. Well, the skeptics did not believe to any abduction, believing that all this tearjerker was invented writer to draw attention to himself and the new books, so to speak "kidnapping" in advertising … As for the UFO, they even and did not know whether to believe or not to believe Strieber?

"The Gift" by Whitley Strieber alien got for Christmas 1985. On holidays, he decided to retire with his family to his cabin in the woods in upstate New York. The night of 26 December, when the entire family of the writer (he Wheatley, his wife Anne and their six year old son) has had dreams Strieber suddenly awakened a strange sound. It seemed that the whole group of repairmen something to do with the compressor on the first floor. Literally across the skin to feel the presence of strangers in the house, but to the surprise of Wheatley, alarm showed that everything was normal. No sooner had the novelist even imagine what is happening in his house, like the bedroom door opened, and before him there was the most amazing creature he ever could have imagined. It was like a robot, dressed in a chest armor, the lower part of the body being covered up some sort of skirt. Whether the effects of the intruder, whether from fear Wheatley lost consciousness.

According to Strieber, he still had a vague recollection, as it almost drove naked through the woods on a floating platform in the air. He sat there, feeling his body, yacheeobraznom recess, and before him flashed the stranger in the face mask. Writer finally came to a domed room, the ceiling of which something gleamed like a huge "lens." Wheatley scurried around aliens. Curiously, in appearance among them can be divided into four types. It was as typical for numerous descriptions of abductees, aliens height of 1.5 meters with large almond-shaped black eyes and stocky little man with deep-set eyes glowing. Besides them were still in the room "robot" — a thief and very little creature with round eyes. Nightmare continued. Telepathically writer warned that he will enter the brain through the nose into a long, thin needle. Strieber's protest against this procedure in mind was not adopted, and aliens "dig deeper" in his head. That was not enough for the newcomers, and blazing with anger, the writer explored the long triangular rod and anus … After this humiliation Wheatley lost consciousness.

When he awoke in the morning on December 27 in the morning in bed, Strieber first did not remember anything about his nocturnal adventures. His mind just constantly flashed a picture of an owl, just stared at him through the bedroom window all night long, but its traces on the snow-covered window sill he found. Considered as a novelist, the image of an owl was introduced to his brain, so to mask the night kidnapping.

Experiments on aliens Wheatley did not stay without consequences: his body was breaking, and in my head flashed vague nightmarish images. It seemed that all the horrors that he regularly "producing" needful lovers of horror stories, now fell on him, crushing under him and pulled down his psyche. It is not known what ended in tragedy or a psychiatric hospital for a Strieber abduction, but he remembered in time that the symptoms are the same in many details with the state of the victims of alien abduction. After he learned from neighbors that at his house seen UFOs, matured the decision to go to a specialist ufologists and find out.

A famous American ufologist Budd Hopkins, who with the help of hypnosis many times restored locked memory abducted by aliens on the presence of a UFO, immediately responded to the request for a meeting with Wheatley. With it, and managed to partially reconstruct the unusual kidnapping. It turned out that the aliens are "laid eyes" on Strieber's back in the fall. Under hypnosis, Whitley remembered that October 4, 1985, he saw hanging in the sky above his house a giant glowing blue crystal. Strange things in the day and noticed his guests, it was unusual glow and the sound of a powerful blow that woke all night. Strieber's son also remembered nightmare with young "doctors" who moved him in space and asked not to be afraid of their manipulations.

Unfortunately, the truth about the mysterious night brought no relief novelist. He was persecuted nightmarish visions and depression. Wheatley's wife thought he was courting trouble on his family terrible novels. It almost came to divorce. Fearing for their state of mind, a writer upon well-known psychiatrist Dr. Klein. Regular sessions of hypnosis revealed new white spot in his life. Thus, it was found that in 12 years Strieber was abducted along with her sister and father right out of a moving train … Maybe that's lurking in his brain memories of the childhood nightmare and influenced the choice of topics for a writer of his works?

The end result of alien abductions to Strieber resulted in three novels — "Contact" (1987), "The Transformation" (1988) and "Breakthrough" (1996). And the first of the books, according to the newspaper "New York Times" bestseller number one in 1987. These works have become a headache for both the UFO and for fellow Wheatley-writers: the first did not know what to believe in his work, and the latter envied business success books, and said that Strieber made it all up. There were those who argued that the author of "horror" just "went crazy" … For the last statement had some foundation, but Whitley crossed out their inquiries about his mental health from known psychiatrists.

Ufologists clearly disappointed in their expectations from the writer to get accurate and presented a good literary language information, for one thing, when the abduction tells illiterate farmer, the other — people who are used to clearly express all your thoughts. Whitley also has been written such that the UFO researchers have only shrug. In one scene, the newcomers are asked Strieber a lecture about the collapse of the British Empire, and in another he uses like a UFO taxi for the trip to his friends, the third in the garb of paper he meets with transparent creatures in the town, which seems to him a great body … It seems reasonable, feeling that he had gone too far, Strieber himself admitted: "In general, I would agree that my experience may not reflect the real picture of what is really going on with me."

If not for the evidence of Budd Hopkins and Dr. Klein, who performed Wheatley regressive hypnosis sessions, you could even find that the kidnapping was a deft Strieber commercial way, and not really of the event. Maybe, just above specialists have responded to the request of the famous writer and he did, so to speak, "space alibi?" Probably not, abduction actually happened. If it were fiction, Strieber would fit more neatly to his novels, and his they literally "suffered" strange images, visions and obviously fantastic details. For "syndrome stolen" are specific such times very long vision, strange hallucinations, nightmares. All this has left on the impressionable nature masters of the pen, and fermented in his head, poured out on the pages of novels.

Wheatley was clearly trying to understand not only what happened to him, but also to understand the phenomenon of UFOs. Thus, he suggested, and not without reason, that the aliens appear on Earth from outer space, but from a different dimension, using the most appropriate body. In an interview on television in 1990 Strieber said, "I've witnessed a breakthrough in a different reality."

Curiously, the aliens or visitors from another dimension have not forgotten about his ward and was reminded of his late 90's. According to Strieber, in 1998, the hotel room where he was staying, a mysterious stranger showed up. A mysterious visitor is inundated writer various information spread by his "lectures" was truly global — from the problems of spirituality to change the Earth's climate. Writer called his guest "Master Key". The content of conversations with a mysterious stranger Strieber outlined in the book "The Key" (2001).

If you have not read the books Whitley Strieber, the film "The Day After Tomorrow" about sudden cold snap is likely to have seen. And this film was made in 2004 by the book Strieber's "The Next World sverhburya." Most interesting is that the idea of this book, the writer suggested the master key …

Whether it was a warning of things to come? Honestly, it's better to assume that all Strieber invented himself

Vitaly Golubev

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